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Some principles are worth dying for. But, wow..
1 year 8 months ago
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It is possible to pretend I did fact X. In the following lawsuit I still pretend I did it. As a result the judge thinks I've done fact X and punishes me for it with punishment Y. Can you conclude from this that punishment Y is a bad punishment? No, it might be a bad punsishment but it is an entirely different discussion.

Comparison. I let my wife think I cheat on her. I place some lingerie, send thrilling messages from a different cellphone, sleep in motels and so on. When she confronts me with this information I don't deny, I won't say a thing! Then, at her request, she'll get a divorce. Now can we conclude that it is wrong to separate?!

Stupid movie.
4 years 6 months ago
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Shieeeet, that ending.
4 years 7 months ago
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Great acting all around
8 years ago
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A little too pompous, with great acting though
8 years 11 months ago
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9 years ago
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It's a very good film too.
9 years 3 months ago
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Thanks to the Kevin Spacey interview on Wittertainment today 22nd July 2011, I remembered I'd seen this.
9 years 3 months ago
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Good script, Great acting.
To dramatic in my taste, to morbidish.
9 years 3 months ago
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One of the worst movies I have ever seen with the most predictable and ridiculous twist. Horrible writing with a pathetically loose plot and uncertain characters. Crying ten times on screen doesn't make them good actors. Spacey and Winslet should read their scripts more carefully before accepting a role. There's a reason Roger Ebert gave this a zero rating.
7 years 7 months ago
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No, no, I'm sorry, but I couldn't stop thinking about how bad this film and I have to say more.
The directing had no target and was absolutely without focus. There was no directing really. The camera angles and techniques were so typical and uncreative lacking in any experimental motion, ignorant of its own inadequacy, not employing any cinematic strategy.
They're were no direct characters, the writer had so much time to develop the story but kept it in such an inept state like a man caressing a piece of paper hoping or it to write itself. He made it up as he went along, he must have, there's no way someone so unintelligent can write a film like this. Very uninspired, very devoid of any real emotional impact. Call me a man with a heart of stone, but I laughed at every scene they cried, that's how lame their excuse for tears were.
If they were trying to give a message about the death
penalty, they should have added arguments and criticism instead of making us intercourse with the idea and throwing rocks at our heads with markings of a implied genius. Its like saying that u made a scientific theory so incredible that u couldn't explain it to us, because we wouldn't understand it.
They produced no salient impact on cinema, they refused to add any important details to the film.
I think some members of the audience for this film were tricked into believing this film to be a good one by the employment of cheap movie cliches and pathetic thriller employment techniques.

*Kate Winslet pulled back a shower curtain!* My God, I am thrilled!
*Kevin Spacey is innocent!! No he ain't. Oh he is. Oh who gives a fuck*
*Thank God, you could sacrifice yourself to end the film*

These characters are so bland, unmotivated, and sad that they don't even know what they want. Kevin Spacey mixes his character from S7ven with Natalie Portman from Black Swan mixed with a distinct loser like idiocy. Kate Winslet is a journalist with att-i-tude! (You go girl!) No, don't, please don't.
And what the fuck is with that intern character? Could you be any more drunk on set? What are you, auditioning for a role on Batman? Christ, learn to act. They only put you in the film so that they can spend the extra money the studio gave them and so Kate Winslet can talk with someone.
Even after having such a long time to form the characters and the plot, they end up nowhere, it changes nothing and the film ends on a horribly unsatisfying note. No wonder Nicholas Cage produced this film. No atmosphere, no theme that can be intriguing.
This film just made me so angry. So angry. So fucking angry. Human rights is not making people suffer to watch such a film!
A waste of 130 minutes of my life I could have spent watching paint dry.
The life of David Gale. Fuck you David Gale. FUCK YOU.
Oh and Rayyan, If you're reading this, damn you for making me watch the film, just damn you.
In conclusion, I did not like the film, if you don;t know by now.
No actually, the soundtrack was OK despite the sequence being copied mostly from Adagio for Strings by Samuel Barber
7 years 7 months ago
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