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132 min.
Terry Gilliam
Drama, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy
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5.7% (1:17)
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  1. Siskoid's avatar


    It famously took Terry Gilliam forever to make The Man Who Killed Don Quixote, so it's natural to want it to be a masterpiece. It meanders too much for that, but since it's based on the most famous picaresque of all time, it probably SHOULD meander. And some might wonder at what the film would have been like with some of the people originally cast, but Adam Driver is a thousand percent superior to Johnny Depp, and Jonathan Pryce is as perfect for the role of the errant knight as John Hurt was. If people are looking for signs of the film's long gestation and frustrations, it's been embedded in the plot. Driver plays a "brilliant" commercial director who has clearly lost touch with his humanity and his art. Filming a Don Quixote-starring insurance television ad in Spain, he's reminded of a student film adaptation of Don Quixote he'd made there long ago. Striking out to find the shoemaker he turned into an actor, he finds the old man now believes he is Don Quixote, and so the parallels with the book begin, with Driver taking on the role of Sancho Panza in a series of episodes inspired by the book, though he has his own Quixotic streak to worry about as he reconnects with the things he has lost. A lot of that is the director's and the film's journey, and perhaps a personal avowal of his own negative temperament. Things I particularly like: The bit with the shiny knight; that's a clever throwback to Gilliam's Holy Grail film. And that some of the key episodes evoked are from Volume 2 of Don Quixote, which I consider a very early example of meta-narrative, often ignored or forgotten in favor of windmills and so on. But they're in here too, because of making a movie (or any creative endeavor) isn't like tilting at windmills, I don't know what it. Masterpiece or not, what Gilliam finally managed is twin adaptations of the book and his efforts to adapt it. One that might grow estimation as time goes on. 4 years 4 months ago
  2. Armoreska's avatar


    Parvum opus
    5 years 6 months ago
  3. badblokebob's avatar


    Not entirely sure what I made of this as a whole, but it was sporadically brilliant — surprisingly often, in fact — and I’ll take that over consistently adequate any day. 3 years 6 months ago
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