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121 min.
Timo Tjahjanto
Action, Thriller
Rating *
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6.6% (1:15)
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  1. lekast's avatar


    It is quite ridiculous on certain scene..There's so much blood, it's getting funny. and if you pay attention to the guys waiting to be kicked one by one, they look like dumb dolls. 2 years 1 month ago
  2. leodelgado01's avatar


    the writing is kind of trash (the dialogue is stupid or obvious or ridiculous; we don't get attached to anyone, the more "profound" moments fail profoundly), the production has this cheap vibe sometimes, the acting is really amateur most of the time, many "cool" moments are just cringe... the last fight scene, however, is really really good.

    all considered, looks like someone's first script with some really talented people trying their best to create interesting fight scenes and visuals with a restrained budget.

    (if you want something superior in every department listed, acting, writing, even in gore and choreography, go rewatch The Raid)
    1 year 1 month ago
  3. Siskoid's avatar


    The Night Comes for Us is an Indonesian action flick in the style of The Raid (and even shares some actors), but the relentless, faceless hordes of assassins that come after the protagonist for daring to break ranks to save a young girl evokes a zombie picture. And indeed, the violence is so gory that all you need is a supernatural conceit to turn this into a horror film. So here's that conceit. The Jakarta of the film is a kind of afterlife. It's hell, or purgatory, or a waystation/battleground that decides where you'll go. You can either suffer or you can take your place as a demon that makes others suffer. Ito is one such demon, but he wants redemption, and tries to ferry a young innocent soul to heaven. The lower demons are really just zombies, but the "star" assassins are more powerful. One of them is so pale she might as well be a vampire, and if you're not convinced of my conceit, just look at how she turns a crucifix upside down before a fight. You can even use the conceit to explain why the protagonists don't bleed out by the end of the first reel. Honestly, I found the film a little tiring, and the motivations slim despite backgrounding flashbacks, but the action standard is high, and if there IS more going on under the surface, that's worth some bonus points. 2 years 3 months ago
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