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    Veni, Vidi, Biki
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    Check out Rad Retro Shop on Depop, Facebook and Instagram
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    The first movie I watched was probably a disney or a musical. My favourite kind of movie is comedy, thriller or romance.
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    Los Angeles based writer, comedian, and gorehound.
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    author and English teacher from Brazil, maybe filmmaker one day

    read me on medium:

    my poetry book on amazon:
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    Gilles Debil

    Kiarostami, Bergman, Dreyer, Chaplin, Teshigahara, Bresson, Svankmajer, Haneke, Varda, de Sica, Kore-eda, Maddin, Dardenne, Imamura, Chang Dong-Lee, Sang-Soo Hong, Ceylan, and so on and so on
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    The other rating website I use which originally was just for music but now includes movies....
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    Film lover from the East of England.

    Thought I knew what a good film was until I discovered Tarkovsky..
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