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First Shyamalan movie I've seen where he doesn't ruin the plot himself. Too bad the plot twist can be found on every site on the Internet, but even with that knowlegde a very decent film.
12 years 4 months ago
ntan's avatar


I somehow managed to avoid the big twist ending even 18 years after its release. And boy, am I glad I did.

I've thought a lot about whether or not it relies on its superb ending to be great. And I think it might.

But does it matter? I mean, there are some really scary moments and some nice dramatic turns in its own right, but the ending is all people think about.

This might be a good thing. You're able to look at all the plants and payoffs and look at all the clues that lead up to the big reveal.

And Haley Joel Osment has one of the best child performances ever. Period.

5 years 1 month ago
americanadian25's avatar


AKA when M. Night Shyamalan did NOT suck.
6 years 3 months ago
MrGert's avatar


Great movie! Genius narrative with archetypal motifs; the wounded child and the shadow. Two symbolic, complementary characters who help each other through a spiritual journey. This movie seems to transcend the definition of a protagonist. Together our two heroes are one, together they become wholeness.
8 years 3 months ago
mariannepaqn's avatar


I was always unsure about watching this movie because I knew the twist at the end - thought it would make the movie uninteresting. But it's actually very good even if you know the twist, very good acting and directing. A bit creepy, a bit sad, and quite captivating.
8 years 6 months ago
DisneyStitch's avatar


It's one of the movies where Shyamalan's specific style of storytelling fits perfectly and the concept, characters, and plotline really come together well. Looking back this was more or less the height of Shyamalan's career. Not hard to see why people think it's the only good movie he's every made.
8 years 9 months ago
IreneAdler's avatar


A really fascinating, scary movie with one of the greatest twists I've ever seen. Makes you want to watch the movie again to see it from a different perspective.

Haley Joel Osment's performance was incredible - it's amazing how someone so young can act like that. Respect!
9 years 4 months ago
Jornacio's avatar


First Time I see it (It's 2012, like 8 days for 2013, and I'm 18), I SIMPLY LOVE IT. WHAT A MOVIE. I think that boy has more acting talent that a whole bunch movie cast.

Okay, as you can see, I feel in love whit the movie, simply amazing, this is a classic, and I start to figure it out why.
10 years 1 month ago
thaisquisito's avatar


I remember being very afraid to watch this as a kid , when i did i was like.. whaat? not that scary haha. Great twist, love the story, kind of a classic right? A must see.
10 years 1 month ago
xObb1t's avatar


not only. he's pretty good director. and brilliant script.

but this movie..definitely one of the favs I've ever seen. fantastic ending.

everyone who wants to see in- i bet u- no spoilers!!((:
11 years ago
milia's avatar


Very good movie!
11 years 11 months ago
memoirofu's avatar


The first movie that changed my POV about my dream...i watched it when i was a child and at that point i realized "I LOVE MOVIES" XD
12 years 8 months ago
fransisco4's avatar


Probalby one of the most well known twists in the history of movies. Doesn't make it any less impressive though,
12 years 8 months ago
Siskoid's avatar


Rich horror tale that is still watchable even if you somehow learn about the twist before hand. Bruce Willis shows that he can be something other than an action hero here.
5 years 3 months ago
ntan's avatar


I actually somehow avoided knowing the twist all these years. Good thing I did, the impact was a lot bigger - jaw-dropping took a literal meaning. I'm actually a fan of Shyamalan. This, The Visit, Unbreakable, and Split are actually really good. Too bad The Happening happened
5 years 5 months ago

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