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very sweet, I wish I had seen this movie when I was a child :/
14 years 1 month ago
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Love the animation sketches and the end always hits me, when it's finished. The song when they're flying is just too magical and amazing. Perfect for Christmas.
11 years 6 months ago
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10 years 7 months ago
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I used to watch this every Christmas with my family. We're all grown up now, but in recent years we've started watching this movie again :) such good memories.
13 years 3 months ago
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I saw this as a child. I just rewatched it, and it's just as magical now as it was then. What a great animation!
13 years 9 months ago
pim's avatar


I remember watching this when I was 5 or 6. Don't remember much, but it made enough impact on me to remember this, almost 20 years later :)
15 years 1 month ago
CynInFlicks's avatar


A British classic ☃️☃️
1 year 7 months ago
buc86's avatar


That ending is just pure evil!
3 years 6 months ago
exitpanda's avatar


It was shown on the telly every Christmas when i was a child. But never realized David Bowie. Maybe because of the dubbing... :)
12 years 11 months ago
incrediblejeff's avatar


So Sad
13 years 6 months ago
withrowd's avatar


Nice animation, but wish it ended on a more uplifting note. That looks like a pretty traumatic Christmas for that kid; best night of his life and then he wakes up to his pal melted. I think it could have ended with him falling asleep.
12 years 9 months ago
Joff's avatar


I ordered this off Amazon but all I got was a carrot and three buttons.
11 years 8 months ago
nicolaskrizan's avatar


straightforward and delightful in its depiction of winter magic – not in the book

8 years 10 months ago
Dieguito's avatar


ok ok ok
12 years 6 months ago
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