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I really enjoyed this movie. Not a lot happens yet I never felt bored. You're really interested in the characters, it's a pretty strange trio of friends. It has a great feel to it.
9 years 3 months ago
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Virtually plotless, there is an indefinable charm about this movie and its characters that make it stand out. Great viewing for a rainy day or an antisocial mood.
9 years 11 months ago
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few visible scars

Watch it!
I'd no idea about this film - never heard of it .. I just happened to see it in late night Film 4 listings and recorded it as a 'Well, I might give it a try'.. and thought it was great, so glad I did.
5 years 7 months ago
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Great movie, such wonderful acting. Really had me going throughtout the whole movie . Peter is the king!
6 years 10 months ago
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Very good rainy day movie indeed.
9 years 3 months ago
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I've seen a lot of Dinklage's films, but this... this made me fall absolutely in love with him. And Michelle Williams! And the soundtrack! What a fabulous film!!
9 years 4 months ago
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characters have their soul so its reveals its beauty...simple but beautiful......
9 years 9 months ago
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so simply sweet.
5 years ago
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Dinklage is king!
9 years 6 months ago
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Very pleasant film. I liked spending time with all three characters.
1 year ago
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I normally don't like movies that don't go anywhere. It's not a fav for me but it is an easy watch.
6 years 10 months ago
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