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122 min.
Tomas Alfredson
Drama, Thriller, Mystery
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5.7% (1:17)
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  1. kzer_za's avatar


    The story is complicated and hard to follow. Lots of characters with different agendas and dubious loyalties that aren't really developed sufficiently. Not everything is fully explained (and not in a good way), and the question of "who is the traitor?" never has the emotional pull it should because most of the potential candidates are hardly fleshed out.

    Plenty of great acting though, with some standout individual scenes even if they don't all fit together as well as they should. And it's atmospheric and very well-shot. And some great use of music, including the excellent ending montage.

    So maybe this could be called "The Big Sleep of spy movies" in the sense that the overall plot doesn't work but it still has a lot of other merits. Though Tinker not as good as that movie, but still worth a watch if you don't mind slow movies. It makes me want to read the book.
    3 years 10 months ago
  2. dpanter's avatar


    Underwhelming indeed. The whole is lesser than the sum of its parts?

    I summarize it bluntly as a huge mjeh.
    Won't be recommending it to people.
    6 years ago
  3. greenhorg's avatar


    Even knowing the plot details ahead of time, I don't think a lot of this information was conveyed intelligibly. I appreciate the stylishness, but there are ways to be stylish and clear. The director's failure prevents this from being a good movie.

    ... Also, when did Gary Oldman start looking so old, man? He's not too much older than J Depp, B Pitt, or R Downey. Colin Firth's the same age. None of them be rockin' those geezer droops. It don't look like make-up. (yet if Oldman shows up in True Romance II next year looking 30 again, I somehow wouldn't be surprised. Dude's a magician.)
    6 years 2 months ago
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