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112 min.
Woody Allen
Romance, Comedy, Music
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2.7% (1:37)
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  1. Siskoid's avatar


    To Rome with Love (2012) is haphazard, but I want to go back to the city itself and what it's particular mystique is. We're told from the outset that everyone in Rome, natives, tourists and students alike, have a story, and we're told four of these. They never connect, and one gets the impression Allen could have released them as shorts. But we're told Rome is too big, both spatially and temporally, to really be abbreviated to a single element, which perhaps led to this exploration of several facets. It's also the most "Woody Allen" movie I watched this week, with several comic neurotics vying for time, one of them he plays himself. Of the four tales, my favorite has Alec Baldwin visit a version of himself (Jesse Eisenberg) in the past (I love the magical realism of it still taking place in modern Rome, because the city is timeless) about to make a mistake with his girlfriend's best friend (Ellen Page). I think it needed a button to get Baldwin back to normal life though. Maybe. I'm not sure about that. The other stories include a mortician who would become an opera singer if only he could sing it in the shower, newlyweds separated in the bustling city who come across temporary lovers, and Roberto Benigni as a boring ordinary man who absurdly becomes the prey of paparazzi, famous overnight. The last two stories are entirely in Italian; it's not all "tourists in Italy". The comedy will bring smiles more than laughs (though Judy Davis' psychologist humor is pretty funny), but ultimately, To Rome with Love feels a little patchy and unfinished. That may be the point, but it doesn't make it entirely satisfying. Still a pleasant way to spend a couple of hours though. 7 years 7 months ago
  2. ThomasFTB's avatar


    It’s seemingly been accepted that Woody Allen’s past his prime. The days of Annie Hall and other career-makers are long past, and what we’re bound to keep getting until he finally decides to pack it in are technically well-made but totally inconsequential bits of amusing fluff, with the occasional interesting idea peeking out here and there. This is pretty much exactly what To Rome with Love is, the ultimate post-Woody Allen Woody Allen movie. It has some cleverness, it has some charm, it won’t set the world on fire but it’ll distract you for a few hours and probably put a smile on your face until you forget about it entirely. Except maybe the fact that Penelope Cruz wears a miniskirt the entire movie.

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    9 years 8 months ago
  3. dchauvin's avatar


    Much much better than I expected. The opera singer scenes were brilliant, and Alec Baldwin was good in his segments. Page and Eisenberg felt a bit awkward though. Benigni's storyline was another great idea, absurd to an almost Bunuel-ian degree. It would however have been nice to see more screen time for Woody himself, even if he is looking a bit age-worn. 10 years 3 months ago
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