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119 min.
Roger Spottiswoode
Action, Adventure, Thriller
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0.8% (1:123)
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  1. chunkylefunga's avatar


    Pretty average; not as good as Goldeneye. 2 years 1 month ago
  2. Earring72's avatar


    Interesting premise for a JB movie but feels a bit rushed and is light on development and has too much action (good action that is). Its just from action to action setpiece.

    Brosnan is good in his second outing and you get everything you want from a good action movie it just doesn''t feel like a james bond movie.

    Its entertaining and fun though!

    Not one of my favorit Bond movies
    2 years 2 months ago
  3. Siskoid's avatar


    There are a lot of things to like about this one, including Michelle Yeoh as a super-competent Chinese agent, hot Teri Hatcher as a Bond girl, Brosnan's cool quips, several cool stunts, a scheme that's at once modern and retro (taking over the world by manipulating the media, yet no mention of the Internet), and oh look, young Hugh Bonneville in a one-line role. I'm less enthusiastic about Jonathan Pryce's cartoony villain - he's wayyy over the top - and the whole enterprise is lost in the final over-long sequence aboard the stealth boat, which is just a lot of shooting (as previously established, these put me to sleep, noise and all) and the death of the villains in the wrong order and with little to no irony. Failing in the last act as it does, it loses all the good will it had accumulated in the first two and I remembered it, justly, as a bust. The DVD from the Bond 50 set is disappointing. The two commentary tracks, one with producer+director, the other producer+2nd unit director, cover a lot of the same ground. I wish the Brosnan discs had had the same treatment the four other Bonds did, with montage commentaries that used experts and tons of people who worked on the films. The disc also has an isolated music track, which isn't something I normally enjoy, nor do I find the music in TND particularly interesting. 2 years 5 months ago
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