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Exciting, memorable, funny and entertaining. Better than the first one (which was good) but this is great.
11 years 4 months ago
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'when she loved me'....BAAAAWL. I sob like a baby every time I see that. Terrific fun film about loss and friendship that blows even the fine original out of the water. I prefer this to the third.
13 years 7 months ago
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My favourite out of the three.
12 years 7 months ago
hugeposuer's avatar


Least favorite of the three.
12 years 7 months ago
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amazing movies
12 years 8 months ago
tigh66's avatar


Equal to the original. A big part of my childhood, I'm getting so nostalgic as Toy Story 3 is getting ready to come to theaters
13 years 11 months ago
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14 years 3 months ago
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Somehow sweet. Haven't seen the other parts, but this one's okay.
9 years 11 months ago
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One of the best sequels...and yet there's something about it that stops it being as perfect as the first or third. 8/10.

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12 years 7 months ago
mrscriblam's avatar


resoundingly meh
13 years 5 months ago
naruto-uzumaki's avatar


good as the 1
13 years 6 months ago
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The weakest film of the trilogy. Still enjoyable though.
13 years 5 months ago
nicolaskrizan's avatar


one of the best sequels

10 years 6 months ago
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