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Let There Be No More
9 months ago
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Completely careless plot, so many wasted resources. But if you enjoyed Tom Hardy and the goofiness of the first one (which was already a bit too slammed on) you might enjoy this one too. It really hinges on your opinion on Venom's jokes: stupid fun or stupid garbage?
7 months ago
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The post-credit scene is much more fun than the entire movie.
9 months ago
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I expected this to be better than the first film, but it was much much worse.
7 months ago
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what a fucking joke
6 months 1 week ago
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Terrible. Watch the after credits on YouTube and avoid this one.
8 months 1 week ago
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Good not as great as Kermode said. There were jokes but som most were fairly flat 6/10
2 months ago
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Granted, the first movie was a bit off the wall even for a superhero flick but this one just recklessly abandons any semblance of plot. The whole Venom voiceover thing was somewhat tolerable the first time around but now it seems like a stale joke stuck on repeat. Unbelievably messy, Sony should be embarrassed. It's really an insult to the comic character and the acting abilities of both Hardy and Harrelson.
3 months ago
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Camille Deadpan

I'm not sure if this is kitsch or camp.
1 week 6 days ago
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I actually am such a moron that I watched this crap to get over the fact Morbius was crap...
Well, now I need to go find something else to get over this crap.
1 month 2 weeks ago
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Not the best thing in the world, but the Eddie/Venom relationship is entertaining enough I liked it even with all kinds of other problems.
3 months 1 week ago
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It sucks so much, I just love it
7 months 1 week ago
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I was as surprised as anyone that I enjoyed the first Venom movie, and perhaps even more that I thought the second installment - Let There Be Carnage - would be even more entertaining. Especially given that Carnage is to me a toxic byproduct of 90s comics, which I had no interest in. Venom 2 plays out as a black comedy, with Eddie Brock and Venom a funny double act, and as quirky a romantic-ish couple as Eddie and former fiance Anne are. Superhero plot gotta plot - with contrivances that nevertheless can be chalked down to "ironic fate" - but the best bits can be found in the Odd Couple stuff, where Eddie is just trying to live with a well-meaning (!!!) Venom, and where the symbiote tries to live a life apart. Oh, an that mid-credits scene, a real whopper. Helped along by a cast that's punching well under its weight - Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams, Woody Harrelson and Noamie Harris, whaaa?! - the second Venom provides a goofy fun time at the movies.
9 months ago
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Tom Hardy continues to broaden his scope of characters with muffled, nigh-incomprehensible speech.
7 months ago
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If you liked the first movie, you will LOVE Venom: Let there be Carnage. Nuff said
8 months ago

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