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My son Nate requested a movie night for his 9th birthday party. I asked the video store clerk, Brent, to recommend something fun and retro in the vein of RoboCop.

Well fuck you Brent. You ruined my son's life.
7 years 7 months ago
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such a profound movie that was way ahead of its time. probably more relevant today than it was back then
10 years 4 months ago
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Love this film.
8 years 1 month ago
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Pr O'Blivion : " Soon, all of us will have special names, names designed to cause the cathode-ray tube to resonate." Look at our avatars, here and on other social networks...
6 years 6 months ago


See you in Pittsburgh.
10 years 1 month ago
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Has the grotesqueries of an Evil Dead, and the crystal ball social horror of a Network. Watch it and get warped. DEATH TO VIDEODROME, LONG LIVE THE NEW FLESH!
11 years 1 month ago
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Videodrome is one of those movies that was not very succesful when it was first released and was panned by critics, but later gained a cult following especially among horror-fans, who see it as being one of the greatest horror-films ever made. So, do i share the same opinion? Well, yes and no.

James Woods plays Tv-programmer Max Renn(great preformance!) who one day discorvers a tv-signal which transmits a violent program called 'Videodrome'. Max sees potential in the program and becomes more obsessed with it. But it turns out that there is something else with this little program something which could turn out to be something that is much more disturbing and twisted than he would ever have imagined.

And then some weird stuff starts to happen.

It's a very clever and interesting premise, but unfortunately the film for me has some problems consirning it's story-structure, and the way it explores it's ideas can get a bit clunky. I also find the side-characters to be quite forgettable and one-dimentionel compared to James woods' character. But having said all that, where this movie really shines is within the subtext.

The film has a very frightning and thought-provoking messange on how the media has made us more desensitized towards violence and since the movie came out in the early 80's at the birth of the home-video market, it also ask some very interresting quenstions. Fx is technology going to make us even more desensitized, since it's making it easier for us to gain acces to violent materials? To me that makes Videodrome's message even more relevant today since we now have an easier way to gain acces to violence than we ever had before since the internet came along.

On the visual side the film is also quite stunning. The special effects are fantastic and very creative, especially for 1983, being all practicle, which is awesome.

You can tell that there is a lot that i found facenating about this movie and it is also a film that i can admire and appreciate as a horror-fan, but it's a film that is a bit hard for me to love, givin it's poor characters and story.

So even tough i found this movie to be a little over-appreciated by some people and a lot more stronger underneath than on the surface and is in my opinion far from David Cronenberg's best film, i do think it is a movie that is worth watching just for it's message alone. So 3.5/5 from me :)
6 years 1 month ago
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Very good film. Manages to scare, shock and just downright stun all at the same time.
9 years 7 months ago
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My favorite Cronenberg film. Still as creative and compelling as the day it was made, if not more so.
11 years 11 months ago
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1983's Videodrome is still one of David Cronenberg's strangest films, and that's really saying something. I don't think its Kafkaesque (or Dickian) take on television is so much prescient as it is commentary on the TV/video of the day. I think snuff films like Faces of Death were much more of that time, for example. The story about a television program that makes your brain evolve takes us into Cronenberg's surreal (and as ever, squishy) territory, and because hallucinations abound, is filled with ambiguity. I hardly know what to say about it, except that it's a completely original, darkly comic, thinking man's piece of retro-SF. And you can't glibly sum it up as a critique of sex and violence because Cronenberg obviously doesn't believe these lead to the decay of society or contribute to decadence and violence in society.
6 years 5 months ago
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David Cronenberg's Videodrome is a unique and insightful horror/thriller/satire that makes still-relevant points about technology and how it affects out society, and has obviously made an impact on many (as evidenced by these comments). It creates memorable visuals using very impressive practical effects.

And I hate it with a passion.

Before I explain why, I want to say that I have to intent to attack or insult anyone else. I hope you love this movie. My thoughts on how "intelligent" this film is have nothing to do with my thoughts on anyone, including David Cronenberg. I love The Dead Zone, and I think he's a very talented guy.

Anyway, all aboard the hate train!

So, my problem with this movie is layered. I have to peel apart the layers one by one to really express my frustration with this... this thing. First of all, the film is listed here under action, sci-fi and horror. While it's certainly horrific, and has some cool sci-fi ideas, calling this movie an action movie is an affront to the idea of excitement. It is one of the most sleep-inducing movies I have seen. A lack of surface tension is not necessarily a deal-breaker, especially when 2001: A Space Odyssey is so acclaimed, despite not having much of a plot at all. What that film did have is incredible artistry. 2001 is striking and iconic for good reason, with its incredible set designs and costumes, its impeccable cinematography, and its simple yet memorable characters. Videodrome has nothing on its surface to latch onto. The characters are boring and plain, even with a strong performance from James Woods. The story has potential to be interesting, but there has to be more going on. The first two acts are a series of events ranging from mildly interesting to watching paint dry. Even when something tense does happen, there's no tension, because you just do not care about anythign happening. It fails to build any characters in the first two acts, resulting in total indifference when shit hits the fan. It makes an attempt to tow the line between theme-driven and plot-driven, which just does not work. You have to favour one, otherwise both end up underdeveloped.

The themes are certainly handled better than the plot. Videodrome, as mentioned, has a lot of interesting things to say about technology. And that's something I found frustrating. The whole thing feels like a self-assured sermon. It's not asking any questions about society; it's telling you that society is a shithole and you're a TV-loving zombie. It beats the viewer over the head so hard that it's difficult to really listen to what's being said. If Cronenberg had eased up a smidgen on the preaching, I think it would be so much more interesting than it end up being. But as of now, in my opinion, its insights are lost in a sea of pretension and smugness.

I know I have a relatively unpopular opinion, and I really did want to like this movie. I had high hopes for the first 10 minutes, but it just didn't elevate that base level of tension, and just left a bad taste in my mouth. Just watch RoboCop if you want a good media satire. Or any number of Simpsons episodes. I guess it had some cool ideas and visuals.
3 years 2 months ago
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Heh i though i would check it out, and the hype is real, its stunning!
9 years 11 months ago
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Really cool! Great vision, well shot
9 years 12 months ago
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This film has the distinct honor of being the weirdest and most disturbing that I have ever seen. Of course, that is partially because I was probably only about 10 years old when i saw it, and I'm sure that films like Oldboy, Eraserhead or Audition are probably actually more disturbing, but I guess I'll have to rewatch it to find out . . .
10 years 9 months ago
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The future of social network oblivion.
10 years ago

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