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101 min.
Spike Jonze
Drama, Adventure, Family
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6.7% (1:15)
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  1. Christian Powell's avatar

    Christian Powell

    A lot of people try and say it's not geared towards kids like the book was. The problem is most people haven't read the book since they were kids. The book was just as "scary", and "depressing." If you even watch the bonus features with Maurice Sendak he talks about how the book was very controversial when it first came out. It also doesn't veer that far from the book. People seemed to get mad that he ran away from home in the movie instead of his room transforming. He imagines himself running away though. If you pay attention in the begging you can see him playing with a toy boat. Like the one he sails over there in. You also see the wild things houses made out of pine straw on his dresser. You also see some of the wild things as clay figures on his dresser. He was in his room the whole time. That's why the mom didn't go searching for him or anything. A lot of people are so quick to judge when they just weren't paying attention. 5 years 7 months ago
  2. pixieblood's avatar


    Spike Jonze definitely has a way with storytelling, this film is just the sweetest as a big fan of the book as a child, this is a lovely film version. I think now I wanna be a Wild Thing or I'll be happy with the wolf costume 2 years 5 months ago
  3. wederbrand's avatar


    I had really high expectations, having read the book a hundred times and loved it.

    But it was boring. And slow.
    The only good thing was the costumes, pretty amazing.
    5 years 1 month ago
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