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    John Milton

    My name is Jeroen and I'm a film afficionado from The Netherlands. On Icheckmovies I go under the nickname of John Milton and most of my days are spent in Woerden, a nice, small town in the vicinity of Utrecht, with Amsterdam just around the corner.

    I studied history, specializing in film....
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    I go through periods of frenzied genre-specific movie watching. Horror, cult and camp are closest to my heart but I'll watch anything twice.
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    Just a guy from Denmark. Loved movies and been collecting since I was a little boy.

    Always up for a talk about movies or series :)
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    Dan Bull

    I watch films. Sometimes I watch movies too.

    Starting rank: 2962

    Highest rank: 1824

    Favourite rank: 2286

    Difference between Chris Hook's rank and my rank on 30/12/2020: 1514 (608 - 2122)
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    I'm Peter, 48 years and living in Belgium. I'm married with Veronika and together we have two lovely kids , Karolien (5y) and Filip (3y) I'm a big movie-fan. That's why I created a blog on blogger. It's fun writing for it. This is the adress and here you'll find the English version. Day by day...
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    Traveller, Long Distance Runner, Film Fan, Box...
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    I am a huge movie buff!
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