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151 min.
Patty Jenkins
Action, Adventure, Fantasy
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1.6% (1:61)
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  1. Siskoid's avatar


    After the first Wonder Woman became the first generally critic-proof DCEU movie, putting the lie to the idea that women can't be blockbuster action heroes, it seemed like Patty Jenkins was heralded as a genius and any flaws could be attributed to the Snyder touch. Well... as of WW84, it's still a lie that women can't be action heroes (because it's always been), and aside from the murky final fight between Diana and the Cheetah the action scenes are bright and exciting, but I don't think Jenkins is any better or worse than your typical hired gun on superhero movies. She had a hand in the writing, and it's still a mess. Half the movie is basically an extended joke about all 1980s things, cramming every fad into the frame to the point where it's no longer the action 1980s, but the 80s diner version from Back to the Future Part II. The mall fight at the start in fact looks like a parody of an Arnold movie from that era, and I might have found that amusing if they'd actually put bad synths under it. Even the plot feels like one of those silly fantasies from that decade. Well, one or five! A wishing stone, a woman who suddenly becomes sure of herself, a human monkey's paw, a man from the past interacting with the "futuristic" 80s, a woman whose dead lover returns... I do think the script cleverly ties its three villains (yes, three, there's a deep cut there for Bronze Age Wonder Woman fans) through a single concept, but it doesn't smooth over the many plot holes, the most blatant being that Diana enters the final fight in a costume she didn't have with her (what the heck?), and the most egregious spoiler. I do like the resolution even if it's largely nonsense, and if this is an indulgent mess of movie, at least the leads are likeable enough to carry it through. 7 months 1 week ago
  2. chunkylefunga's avatar


    Man, as a big fan of the comic books, this pretty much fell flat as every possible avenue.

    Did DC learn nothing from Superman IV.

    You have a wealth of comic book history and you choose the lazy doppelgänger storyline?

    And who the hell thought Kristen Wiig was a good choice? The woman cannot act. She can pretty much only do 'awkward'. She can't do villainous and she definitely can't do femme fatale.

    Pedro Pascal was completely wasted in this movie.

    Hopefully they won't make a sequel.
    7 months 1 week ago
  3. Ceejzor's avatar


    Pretty poopy... the first scene with her as a child had good start but then the first 20 minutes of her as an adult had some of the worst acting EVER! The main cast was great but the story and acting was GARBAGE! 7 months 1 week ago
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