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Not a patch on the 71 version but miles better than the god-awful burton movie.
2 months 3 weeks ago
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There are no real connections to the '71 film other than the name and an unearned rendition of Pure Imagination. This isn't Willy Wonka. Say what you want about Depp's take, at least him and Burton tried to echo Dahl's dark/bizarre undertones. Chalamet (I still don't get the hype around him) is a plucky dreamer. There's nothing about the unpredictable psychotic character Gene Wilder played.

One of the best aspects of the original was the contrast between the outside world and the factory. In this one, Willy arrives on the town and starts doing his magic stuff but apparently that's not enough to become a sensation immediately. We get a silly plot about the chocolate cartel who never thinks about having him as a partner (specially since they admit, his chocolate is the best) and then rip him off with a contract or something. They should've combined Olivia Colman's character (her scenes were such a waste of time) and the other three guys as just one main antagonist .

There's not a single memorable song, aside from Pure Imagination... obviously!
The writing and acting are trying so hard to be charming but never reach the perfect tone of the Paddington films. Keegan-Michael Key and Hugh Grant are the only ones who nailed it.

And lastly, the theme about dreams feels generic. Just a string of gift card quotes that have nothing on the lessons in the original about being a good kid.

Overall: Safe and lame.
4 months ago
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Charming family musical. Not on par with the '71 version but this was nice and sweet. Enjoyable visit to the movies with the kids. Hugh Grant is a lot of fun!
3 months 1 week ago
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Very good, surprised, seems in keeping
3 weeks 1 day ago
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@Stacy_Yagami: Wait, Tim Burton died? F
2 months 2 weeks ago
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I loved it, not quite as funny as the Paddington movies but still just as charming and creative

3 months 2 weeks ago
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i see people here dont really like the movie. when it started i didnt like it too. it came over like a boring modern movie but then after watching and really giving it a chance and putting away my prejudice i started to really enjoy the movie and especially the musical scenes which i would never expect to enjoy. the movie might not be true to the original story or doesnt add anything to the universe as people say here.. but that doesnt take away from the fact that i really enjoyed the movie. I think its great for kids or to go watch with your family :)
3 months 2 weeks ago
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i watched it and i was dissapointed.
this wasnt joy filled. i felt disgusted watching it.
i hated how the movie already started with betrayal and a scam. no good start. i wanted to feel joy like i did when i watched the remake. but i didn't, through the whole movie. The animation when he was flying on that pole or with noodle on the roofs, not good. Or the chocolate guy-villains. Only the black dude had a good charackter. the other two were literal npc's and only to fill the space on the scene. atleast thats how it felt like for me. TBH i didnt know while i watched it that it was from the og movie in the 1970's and the Johnny Depp one was the remake. My coworker in the cinemas told me that people liked the remake better anyways and tim burton hated the og movie, and they did the remake after Tim Burton died, but he was also disappointed. For my dad who watched it with me and loose all memories of the JD movie liked it. but i was so confused because it wasnt the same city. same story, like where is his dad and why is his mom now there? but yeah i found out 2 days after.

After all: still dont like it cuz i didnt felt joy while at it. and even after my added knowledge its now "meh"
3 months 3 weeks ago
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