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So I think people are getting carried away with their ratings.

Is it better than Justice League? Yes. Is it a masterpiece? No. Best DC film ever made? Nope.

So take the 10 ratings with a pinch of salt and it's mostly fan boys highlighting that the Snyder Cut is the better film and they're pushing for it to be canon.

Storyline is better, and the CGI has definitely been upgraded. They did overdo it a bit with Wonderwoman's theme but on the whole the soundtrack was decent.

Joker epilogue was just awful, absolutely no point in filming that. Guess Zack just wanted the joker in the movie.

Eisenberg is a terrible Luther, thankfully he's only in it for literally 2 minutes but that scene cut have done with being cut.

Not that it's Snyder's fault but as with the original, this movie suffers in that it's an alliance film without all the characters have standalone movies beforehand.

Which it really what has helped Marvel run away with the MCU.

Hopefully after the DC standalone movies all come out Justice League 2 will be able to compete with the Avengers.
1 month 2 weeks ago
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While a notable improvement over the failed theatrical cut, this is still not a great film, maybe not even very good comic book entertainment, compared to just anything from the MCU. The weaknesses of the original are still at play (like the bland villain and very poor CGI minions) and now are enriched by everything people love about Zack Snyder and hate about him. That means a HUGE portion of greyish, unironic heaviness, pacing problems, slomo and thick soundtrack - the latter feeling somehow pretty good this time. Thankfully, each of our heroes gets enough of a chapter to be properly introduced, all which felt rushed in 2017. Even The Flash doesn't come off as nothing more than comical relief for once. There are absolutely some captivating scenes to be found in this journey.
It's still ridiculous to let all that clock in at 4 freaking hours, even longer than the both final Avengers movies. It's half the running time of a season of The Boys, only with less exciting figures and nowhere near the fun, violence or that much to say. At least not 242 minutes worth of that. (Although my impression hypothetically could be more positive if I didn't have seen the Whedon cut before and started off fresh - who knows.)

Two aspects remain interesting about the whole affair:
- In times of VOD and digitalization, film fans demand more than just trailers and deleted scenes to their product. The existence of ZSJL itself is pretty spectacular and might foreshadow a time where you never know if a released film might be the final version, and not only in a George Lucas kind of way. It could give filmmakers more power over studios, for better or worse - see everything about Justice League.
- As an effect of this autonomy, we got to see the first mainstream, let alone action/CGI film released completely in a 4:3 aspect ratio since 50 or 60 years - wow. Again, I think it doesn't work that well, but let the directors have their say.

For comic book/superhero movie fans only.
1 month 2 weeks ago
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TLDR: If you kinda sorta wanted to see the movie, do see it. For people who wanted a retcon to the trash original, this will do wonders for your mood. Much better action, shitty cuts avoided, juvenile humor aborted, and some real highs in action and drama.
RANT review: Let me preface this by saying that this movie was for people disappointed in the first, and actively wanted a retcon.
That's exactly what this movie is, a good retcon. The first 1 hour 45 minutes is Snyder's bad side - him disappearing up his own a&& and trying to make art when he should be setting up the fun bits. Over-use of slow-mo, going over the same exposition as the original (like I said, this was for returning fans), CGI making action feel static, and buckets of average drama.
From then on, the pace distinctly picks up and hits a few high points on the way to a satisfying finish.
The biggest and most vital improvement being that the team actually feels like a team. It is established that this will be a very different experience, around the 2 hour 16 mark, when the chemistry well and truly shines.
Gone are all the juvenile attempts at humor, and decided-by-committee plot points, for a more focused story that flows from scene to scene once it gets going.
As easy as it is to burn Whedon at the stake, the general direction DCEU has headed points to a bunch of clueless morons given undue power over the creative people.
The Snyder Cut gives us a look at what happens when this is not the case. It is not a masterpiece by any stretch, but for people who (begrudgingly or not) wanted to see it, they will love most of the ridiculous 4 hour running time.
The emotional and action highs are spectacular, but their action physics game is still weak compared to their Marvel counterparts.
1 month 2 weeks ago
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Pace and editing still off. Average 5/10
1 month ago
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1 month 2 weeks ago
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1 month 2 weeks ago
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It was alright, despite the weird filter, bad acting and ridiculous one-liners. It flows well and the action scenes look pretty good.

I am baffled that the ratings for this movie are so high.
I would give it a solid 7, and that's even being a bit generous.

Honestly, people need to understand that it is a bad idea to take sides. DC or Marvel, you should like and rate a movie well only if it is good and deserving of that rating.

I liked the first Captain America movie, but I would not rate it above a 6, because I'm not deluding myself about how good it is.
1 month 2 weeks ago
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dr love

A great movie and an opportunity for DC to change the game. Just give Snyder whatever he wants to make the continuation
1 month 2 weeks ago
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Lilu Milcalova

what a crappy soundtrack!!
1 month 1 week ago
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Pete Concrete

What once was a superficial popcorn film is now a work of art. Thank you Zack Snyder.
1 month 2 weeks ago
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Worse than the original, virtually every bad element of the original is still intact. Now it's leaden beyond belief, centered on a character that is maddenly ill conceived, and full of plot holes that are larger than many in BvS.

We've been lead to believe for years that Whedon fundamentally changed the vision for the film, when everyone knew that wasn't the case. Snyder is the most powerful conman of the century, the sheer audacity of the badness is actually a positive feature of the movie.

Instead of rage that I felt after BvS I felt nothing but schadenfreude for the people he conned into supporting this lazy riff. He pulled off the heist of the century with this garbage. He set 5 billion dollars on fire and was too lazy to frame the flames. He chipped the paint off the Michelangelo/Da Vinci fresco, smeared his poop on the wall, and laughed at those he charged to look where the great work of others should be.
1 month 2 weeks ago
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