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    nbatman checked Reflexion, Hydrozagadka and Unlaced 2 hours 17 minutes ago




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    nbatman checked Blind Evolution and Interoculus 2 hours 24 minutes ago
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    nbatman commented on I for India 2 hours 29 minutes ago
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    nbatman commented on Hydrozagadka 2 hours 35 minutes ago
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    nbatman checked Missed Connection 4 hours 4 minutes ago
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    nbatman checked Grace Fall, Liberation and Wake 4 hours 35 minutes ago

    Grace Fall





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    nbatman checked Sabotage 4 hours 40 minutes ago


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    nbatman checked Mud and Unclear Proof 4 hours 57 minutes ago


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    nbatman checked Him, U.F.O. and The Lamps 5 hours 5 minutes ago





    The Lamps

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    nbatman checked Præsidenten 5 hours 41 minutes ago
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    nbatman checked I Met a Man 5 hours 48 minutes ago
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    nbatman checked Strange Triangle 6 hours 25 minutes ago
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    nbatman commented on Strange Triangle 6 hours 49 minutes ago
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    nbatman commented on Hotel Nueva Isla 7 hours 19 minutes ago
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    nbatman checked Fausto 7 hours 21 minutes ago


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    nbatman commented on Fausto 8 hours 50 minutes ago
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    nbatman checked Old Joy 8 hours 53 minutes ago

    Old Joy

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    nbatman checked Ode to Los Angeles 9 hours 17 minutes ago
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    nbatman checked One and Ice Ages 9 hours 31 minutes ago



    Ice Ages

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    nbatman checked Observer, Black Gold and Sick 9 hours 38 minutes ago



    Black Gold



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    nbatman checked Panique au village 10 hours 41 minutes ago
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    nbatman checked The Sin of Nora Moran 11 hours 54 minutes ago
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    nbatman checked The Furies 12 hours 35 minutes ago

    The Furies

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    nbatman checked Transylvania 6-5000 12 hours 43 minutes ago
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    nbatman checked Vinil Verde 13 hours 33 minutes ago
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    nbatman checked Rick and Morty vs Genocider 13 hours 39 minutes ago
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    nbatman checked Another Girl Another Planet 14 hours 15 minutes ago
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    nbatman checked They Bite! 15 hours 1 minute ago

    They Bite!

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    nbatman checked Runaway Brain and Meet the Pyro 15 hours 14 minutes ago
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    nbatman checked Scaredy Cat 15 hours 22 minutes ago
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    nbatman checked The Scooby-Doo Project 15 hours 31 minutes ago
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    nbatman commented on L'espoir 15 hours 59 minutes ago
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    nbatman checked Swing You Sinners! 16 hours 2 minutes ago
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    nbatman favorited This House Has People in It 16 hours 10 minutes ago
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    nbatman checked Apaches 16 hours 27 minutes ago


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    nbatman favorited The Mad Doctor 17 hours 54 minutes ago
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    nbatman checked The Mad Doctor 17 hours 55 minutes ago
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    nbatman checked Thanksgiving 18 hours 5 minutes ago
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    nbatman favorited Bio-Cop 18 hours 10 minutes ago


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    nbatman checked Bio-Cop 18 hours 11 minutes ago


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    nbatman added Ruz-egar-e ma to their watchlist 18 hours 38 minutes ago
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    nbatman checked Rakudai wa shitakeredo 18 hours 42 minutes ago
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    nbatman added Ejercicios de memoria to their watchlist 1 day 5 hours ago
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    nbatman commented on Contactos, Mammame, La casa del ángel and 1 other Efter repetitionen 2 days 2 hours ago
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    nbatman disliked Hôtel Monterey, In film nist, Me2 and 1 other Le camion 2 days 5 hours ago


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    nbatman checked Seriously Deadly Silence, Destiny, The Johnnie and the Telephone, and 106 others , Around the Big Curves on the Manhattan Elevated R.R., 4 Eyes, Quesadilla, gutterball, Hayat ou maut, The Very First Desire Now and Forever, Ciastka, Pallesens radio, Smashing a Jersey Mosquito, All on Account of Eliza, Monday, Yokoku kauntodaun animeshon chibi Gojira toho shinemazu x chibi Gojira, Sweet Talk, S. Hamaliuk, 879, Jeffries Skipping the Rope, Jeffries Throwing the Medicine Ball, Filme Politico, A Cloud's Dream, Outrage, Butt-Head, Watered Down Wolfman, Two-Lane Trash Stop, Pure beauté, L'eau merveilleuse, Two Rubes at the Theatre, iPhone Murder Apps, Not Funny!, Zoochosis Presents: Bears, Canada Vignettes: Inuit Pipe, Le langage des fleurs, The Pajama Dance, Mr. Sadheart's Small Day, Not a Love Story: A Film About Pornography, Mindfork, The Roommate, The Big Swing, Vazife avval, A Shocking Accident, C'est complet!, Jeffries Exercising in His Gymnasium, Jeffries Side Stepping and Wrestling, Fantasia Lusitana, Deaf Mute Recitation, Artax 1, Biology Made Uneasy, Heart of a Dog, The Marksman, Scientifiq Piqniq, Rancorous Call, Anti-Lemmin', Symbiopsychotaxiplasm: Take One, Werewolf Women of the S.S., Salt, Blood Bonding, Every 90s Commercial Ever, DemiUrge Emesis, The Predator Holiday Special, The Carnage Kid, The Cop Cam, What's Wrong with Mom?, Whisper, Momijigari, Bébé's Kids, Grin, The Pig Walks, Pingu's the Thing, The Nurse, The Confession, Grammy, Blund's Lullaby, Hôtel Monterey, There's Something in the Attic, Video Dating Tape, Claycat's Evil Dead II, Floor 9.5, The Makeover, Happy Mother's Day, I Could've Been Sweet, En el parque, Maxwell, Santa, Playing Doctor, Claycat's the Thing, Ashes of Doom, In film nist, The Spirit of Dark and Lonely Water, Wend Kuuni, Innocent Souls, Bedfellows, Postman Pat's Pet Sematary, Mockingbird, Contactos, Mortified, House on Nightmare Lane, Me2, Inside Job, La luna en el espejo, The Lonesome Thing, The Thing on the Shelf, The Werewolf's Greatest Hit, Discordia, A Nightmare on Chocolate, The Cat with Hands, The Hug and Westfront 1918: Vier von der Infanterie 2 days 14 hours ago


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    nbatman added Einayim G'dolot and 1/3 des yeux to their watchlist 2 days 18 hours ago
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    nbatman commented on Destiny and Symbiopsychotaxiplasm: Take One 3 days 6 hours ago
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    nbatman disliked Corta 3 days 6 hours ago


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    nbatman commented on The Brig, The Tattooed Stranger, Of Time and the City, and 4 others , Man's Castle, Le paradis, Rozmarné léto and Nevinost bez zastite 4 days 7 hours ago
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    nbatman added Yarareta onna to their watchlist 4 days 11 hours ago
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    nbatman checked Nicht der Homosexuelle ist pervers, sondern die Situation, in der er lebt, Kejserinde Dagmars ankomst til Helsingør, Looks Can Kill, and 152 others , Troops Leaving Port Elizabeth Jetty, Around the Flip-Flap Railroad, Weary Willie, Reverie.exe, Hyde Park School Room 2, Missouri Commission, Kimi to wakarete, A Windy Day on the Roof, Clerks Casing Mail for Bags, U.S.P.O., Coach at Rural Post Office, U.S.P.O., Post Man Delivering Mail, U.S.P.O., Canada Vignettes: June in Povungnituk - Quebec Arctic, X-Ray Men from Mars, Collecting Mail, U.S.P.O., Canada Vignettes: Captain Cook, Canada Vignettes: Port Royal, Clerks Tying Up for Bags, U.S.P.O., A Volunteer Fire Company, Hyuil, The Polite Lunatic, Transporting Internal Rev. Stamps, U.S.P.O., Afantasmado, Bus Baby, Canada Vignettes: Alouette, Roald Amundsen på sydpolen, Around New York in 15 Minutes, Noon Hour at Hope Webbing Company, The Reversible Divers, Race for the Muriatti Cup, Manchester, Berg-Ejvind och hans hustru, Ocean Wave of Stars, Canada Vignettes: Land Bridge, Parade of the Women Delegates, World's Fair, König Georg von Sachsen in Chemnitz am 10.9.1902, Automobile Parade on the Coney Island Boulevard, H.M.S. Powerful Arriving in Portsmouth Harbour, C.I.V. Procession: Cyclists and Infantry, Dispute de cocher, The Fake Beggar, Howway the Lassess, Pres. Roosevelt at the Dedication Ceremonies, St. Louis Exposition, Four Warships in Rough Seas, Canada Vignettes: Holidays, Panorama, City Hall, Van Ness Avenue and College of St. Ignatius, Lathrop School, Calisthenics, Missouri Commission, S.S. 'Coptic' Running Against the Storm, La princesa de Francia, There's a Dead Crow Outside, Devil Doll/Ring Pull, Dynamiting Ruins and Rescuing Soldiers Caught in the Fallen Walls, Ved Ribe Domkirkes indvielse, Washing Clothes at Sicily, Canada Vignettes: Trees, Double Ring Act, Luna Park, Nos bons moines, Canada Vignettes: Wild Rice Harvest Kenora, Turkey Mourns Kemal Ataturk, Midway of Charleston Exposition (South Carolina), Scrambling for Eggs, The Lady Confesses, East Side Urchins Bathing in a Fountain, Carriers Leaving Building, U.S.P.O., Pearl, How Long is a Minute?, Quebec Fire Department on Sleds, Canada Vignettes: Ice, Get Cracking, The Covered Wagon, The Bustle in the Narrow Door, A Delusion, Henley Regatta, Vienna table trip, The Killer Is Loose, Serenade To Miette, Gaumont Graphic: Captain Scott and Dr. Wilson with the Pony 'Nobby', Dial's Girl's Band, Luna Park, Tying Up Bags for Train, U.S.P.O., Troyes: l'hôtel de ville, Carrying the Wounded on Board Hospital Ship at Durban, De Onwillige Trekhond, Calendar, Flee, Sorry Film Not Ready, Lord Kitchener's Arrival at Southampton, Marceline, the World-Renowned Clown of the N.Y. Hippodrome, Delivering Mail from Sub-Station (U.S.P.O.), Lancers Under the Earl of Airlie Fording the Modder River, The Battery, Bones & Boats, Canada Vignettes: Indian Pipe, President Roosevelt's Homecoming, Street Mail Car, U.S.P.O., Indian Review: Grand March Past, Husking Bee, Screen Two: The Firm, Loading a Vessel at Charleston, S.C., Funeral of President McKinley, Emperor Francis Joseph of Austria, Scene on Surf Ave., Coney Island, Sea Beach Scene, L'ange, Høydepunkter, System Error, Squires, Australian Champion, in His Training Quarters, A Pipe Dream, The Haverstraw Tunnel, A2042, Old Mail Coach at Ford, U.S.P.O., Snowballing the Coasters, Breather, Judging Ladies' Saddle Horses, Military Gymnastics, Parallel Bars, One. Two. Thirty., Native Women Washing Clothes at St. Vincent, B.W.I., Last Resort, The Making of Broncho Billy, Empire State Express, the Second, Taking Water on the Fly, Wagons Loading Mail, U.S.P.O., Cuban Volunteers Marching for Rations, Seine Majestät Kaiser Wilhelm II. in Stettin, Ebullition, The Tattooist, Pilot Leaving 'Prinzessen Victoria Luise' at Sandy Hook, Special Delivery Messenger, U.S.P.O., Kejserinde Dagmar ankommer til Gentofte, Loading Mail Car, U.S.P.O., The Revolving Table, Tietgens bisættelse, Phantom Ride, Chamonix, Ocean Greyhounds, David Holzman's Diary, Jaws on Netflix, Judge Alton B. Parker & Mayor McClellan at Esopus, Buying Stamps from Rural Wagon, U.S.P.O., Tramway Ride Through the Streets of Norwich, Danse des Javanais, Washing the Sweep, The Landing of Savage South Africa at Southampton, Orphan Children on the Beach at Coney Island, Clerks Tying Bags, U.S.P.O., 'Columbia' and 'Shamrock II': Turning the Outer Stake Boat, Anatomy of Hell, Tenshi no harawata: Akai inga, The Dick Van Dyke Show: Honeymoons Are for the Lucky, Panorama de Constantine, Routing Mail, U.S.P.O., The Inexhaustible Cab, Panoramic View of Frere Camp Taken from the Front of an Armoured Train, Farmer Kissing the Lean Girl, Courtmétrg, Wiggles and Giggles, Le savon lave and Il pesce rosso 5 days 19 hours ago
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    nbatman commented on Rysopis, Kimi to wakarete and La princesa de Francia 6 days 8 hours ago
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    nbatman's bronze IMDb's 1910s Top 50 award has been updated to silver 6 days 16 hours ago
    IMDb's 1910s Top 50 (silver)

    IMDb's 1910s Top 50 silver award

    Movies really started making an impact in the 1910s, with audiences demanding more...
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    nbatman checked Railroad Smashup, Vision fantastique, Review of the Life Guards by the Queen, and 154 others , One Minute Art History, L'arrivée en voiture - La remise des decorations - La sortie de la Chambre de Commerce, Cinderella, Scenes in an Infant Orphan Asylum, Panoramic View of Charleston Exposition (South Carolina), The Spirit of His Forefathers, Kongejagt paa Hveen, Ventanitas, Een kinderfeest op het eiland Marken, The Argyle Secrets, Neapolitan Dance at the Ancient Forum of Pompeii, Hanging Out the Clothes, Vor deiner Tür, De kongelige paa cykler i Fredensborg slotsgaard, After Dark in Central Park, Een trambestorming op zondag op den dam, Poursuite de cambrioleurs sur les toits, Rouget de Lisle chantant La Marseillaise, Pawtucket Fire Department, VIII. La flagellation, VII. L'arrestation de Jésus-Christ, Kindergarten Ball Game, Blackburn Rovers v. Aston Villa, Panoramic View of Boston Subway from an Electric Car, Cat Food, A Breath Of Summer, An Execution by Hanging, Gordon Highlanders in Ladysmith, Her First Cigarette, Launch of Surf Boat, Zoku Zatôichi monogatari, Canada Vignettes: The Horse, Firemen to the Rescue, Across Brooklyn Bridge, Nanny: Filminute, C'est bon pour la morale, Canada Vignettes: Sodbusters, Panorama, Ruins Aristocratic Apartments, Esquimaux Village, Rocking Gold in the Klondike, Colonial Troops and Cavalry, IX. Le couronnement d'épines, Monkey City, Mat i syn, 349 (for Sol LeWitt), Nankin Road, Shanghai, Dispersing the Troops at Windsor After Parade, The Dead, High School Field Exercises, Missouri Commission, Zhizn za zhizn, Brook Trout Fishing, Canada Vignettes: Métis Coat, Jet-Propelled Germs, Vertical Panorama City Hall and Surroundings, Broadway & Union Square, New York, Lord Mayor of Cork Arriving for Official Opening of Cork Exhibition, Two Naughty Boys Teasing the Cobbler, Trafalgar Square Riot, Ruins of Chinatown, Section of Buster Brown Series, Showing a Sketch of Buster by Outcault, Opening the Williamsburg Bridge, Attack on a Mission Station, Queen Victoria's Last Visit to Ireland, Behind Green Lights, Pope Leo XIII Being Carried in Chair Through Upper Loggia, No. 101, Canada Vignettes: Woolly Mammoth, Phase Loop, Canada Vignettes: Riverdale Lion, Loading Sugar Cane, Nation, Défense d'afficher, Panorama, Notorius 'Barbary Coast', Canada Vignettes: Voyageurs, De Petroleumbrand te Vlissingen, Crime Wave, At the Crossroads of Life, Pull Down the Curtain, Susie, Encierro de toros, A Corner of Barnet Fair, T'es un Bonhomme!, The Bathers' Revenge, Canada Vignettes: Catapult Canada, Mélyvíz, Madison Square, New York, Canada Vignettes: Toronto, Panorama, Nob Hill and Ruins of Millionaire Residences, Herding Horses Across a River, Packers on the Trail, Panoramic View of the White Pass Railroad, The Art of 'Making Up', 25th Infantry, Surprising a Picket, Ride Lonesome, Jazz Orgie, Cutting Sugar Cane, Honolulu, Funerali di Giuseppe Verdi a Milano, General Buller Embarking on the 'Dunottar Castle' at Southampton, Gypsy and Death, A Prairie Story, Driving Cattle to Pasture, Dagmar Hansen, Scenes on Mr. Smit's Ostrich Farm, The Barber Saw the Joke, The 'Roslin Castle' (Troopship) Leaving for South Africa, President Roosevelt at the Army-Navy Game, Panoramic View of Brooklyn Bridge, Armored Car Robbery, Single Harness Horses, The RRF in New Recruit, The Homolulu Show, Halftone, Beheading a Chinese Boxer, The Dull Razor, Le laveur de devantures, The Last Round Ended in a Free Fight, Rural Wagon Delivering Mail, U.S.P.O., Sortie d'église en Bohême, Fall Guy, Woman Getting Into Bed, Cancelling Machine, U.S.P.O., The Lover's Ruse, Battery K Siege Guns, A Subject for the Rogue's Gallery, President Reviewing School Children, Empire State Express, First Northumberland Fusiliers Digging Entrenchments, Pfff, Transrexia, Canada Vignettes: Countdown, The Puzzled Bather and His Animated Clothes, Naval Brigade Dragging 4.7 Guns Into Ladysmith, Un caz de hemiplegie isterica vindecat prin sugestie hipnotica, Desperate, English Cup Final: Barnsley V. Newcastle United, Throwing Mail Into Bags, U.S.P.O., In My Lady's Budoir, Sct. Clemensbro i Aarhus, Street Fight and Arrest, Player Two, Earthquake Ruins, New Majestic Theatre and City Hall, Seashore Frolics, Glou Glou, Skirmish with Boers Near Kimberly, 30 Seconds Over Moscow, Hell Spit Flexion, Latina, Dislocation Act, Rysopis, Merry-Go-Round, Worthing Life-Saving Station, The Classroom Gems: Fusion, Canada Vignettes: Trading Post, Capital Stirred by Biggest Hooch Raid, The Draped Model and Circular Panorama of Housing the Ice 6 days 21 hours ago
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