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    Torgo commented on The Polar Express, Tin Toy, Ropáci, and 4 others , Sberné surovosti, Paní Le Murie, Luca and Postava k podpírání 2 days 11 hours ago
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    Uncanny Valley: The Movie
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    English subs for tazz_85's link:
    They're alrightish but have some bad parts - which might be even more confusing in the beginning when you don't know what this short is about and are expecting a straight documentary, lol.
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    Torgo checked Beyond the Mind's Eye, The Mind's Eye and Luca 2 days 12 hours ago


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    Torgo commented on Shree 420, Unsere Afrikareise, Orange, and 6 others , Wait, Dow Rahehal Baraye yek Massaleh, Le vieux Paris: Vue prise en bateau, Les tribulations d'un concierge, World and Re-entry 3 days 19 hours ago
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    It's not what you think: in India, 420 is a code which refers to fraud.
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    To quote again from one of filmcave's (helpful) articles: "Incidentally, Kubelka intentionally left the film unsubtitled. He believes subtitles ruin the integrity of the image. But perhaps more significantly, he seems to feel that the pure sound-and-image collisions will be strong enough to have an impact on a viewer, without her or him necessarily understanding the (mostly German) dialogue."
    I'm German and find the muffled dialogue very hard to understand anyway; I also feel like it's not necessary. This is more about montage / experiment in composition.

    As one of the other articles states: "While there is no definite narrative in Kubelka’s “Unsere Afrikarese” nor use of subtitles for the non-German-speaking audience, his use of non-temporal cuts in editing (i.e. no definite progression of time or any hint about when in the trip certain shots occurred) [...]"
    Of course there is a difference between that and randomness. How much that will do for you as the viewer, except if you're interested in technical aspects, is another story.
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    When spoiler though ..
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    Torgo commented on Il boia scarlatto 5 days 11 hours ago
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    LOL, completely ridiculous cheese with the silliest of all villains. I can't believe it's on two serious official horror lists! Even for a ghost train kind of flick it's not scary for a second, bar some torture. The awful acting (especially from the Edith actress) and laughable script & dialogue aside, the thing has a vibrant 60s look of higher quality than it deserves and actually a few nice shots (and a lot of terrible ones with mindnumbing editing). Stupid fun for the B-crowd.

    I highly recommend the Rifftrax version.
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