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Bojan, Europe

I will not dislike some action film that is far from realistic, which delivers on many levels (main actor's charisma, technical brilliance, fun/likable to watch...) and i will also not praise something that has potential, but is badly/unevenly paced or needlessly slow/draggy, even if it has really strong aspects.
I tend to carefully choose what i am about to watch.

~Some ideas for making this site more interesting~

Putting tags of countries. For example: i want to see how many films from some particular country some user has watched and i want to see which film he/she disliked or faved directly when going through his/her checklist. Also tags for actors.
I want to compare anything with some particular user. For example: when i click on some actor's filmography, there should be option like: compare what you watched/liked/disliked with this or that user.
Also how about adding something like ''above average'' or ''potential for fave upon eventual re-watch'' - i sometimes feel that ''faved'' and ''disliked'' features are not enough.
That's it for now.



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12 December 2017
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  1. Snowpiercer

    9 months 3 weeks ago
  2. The Abyss

    1 year 6 months ago
  3. A.I. Artificial Intelligence

    2 years 6 months ago
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