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Brigitte Atencio Alcoleja, Spain

I'm really proud of my profession as it unites many interesting personal qualities and skills. Regrettably, there are also things that could take me from myself and offer me a great deal of anxiety. I'm constantly interacting with different people and making decisions about hiring them, which could create all types of negative responses from individuals. Naturally, as an expert I know how to post myself from all of that and attempt to ease stress in my free time with pleasure whenever possible.

Hi. My name is Brigitte Saenz Atencio. I am 36 years of age. I'm from Alcoleja, Spain. I Am an HR manager in a big company in Spain. I live alone, but I was married a couple of short years back. At some point in our own lives, we realized we had different objectives and chose to separate. The fact is I have always been more passionate about my profession than my family, that has caused me relationship problems. Apart from work, I love to do a number of things. I go to the fitness club regularly, I like to travel to various states once I have a chance and I like everything that is linked to the area of cinema, even if possible I attempt to go to different festivals and conventions.

One of my favorite activities is gambling such as casinos. I like to go someplace on weekends together with my friends and forget about work and also have a good time. Sometimes, however, as a result of my own job I do not have enough spare time for me to move someplace or move and to assist me comes an online casino, where I can quench my thirst for excitement, in addition to at a true casino. Now for the match I use a resource It does not call for registration, there are different bonuses along with a simple, pleasant interface, and most importantly transparent and reasonable payment method. For me personally entertainment of course is always a priority and I do not get angry if I lose, but I am always thankful when after winning I don't have any problems. The most interesting thing about internet casinos for me is the capacity not to leave the house and play from the comfort of this computer.


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28 December 2020
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