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One of the wisest, most emotionally ambitious and spectacularly GOOFY series on TV. Deep, funny, absurd, dark and thoroughly enjoyable all at once.

Talk about depression, love, addiction, death, relationships, self-deceit and a central theme of failing to find fulfillment.

3 months ago
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Once you get past the gimmick – a bunch of singles in a bar, as played out over one wacky night – “Mixology” quickly establishes itself as an inordinately appealing comedy, blessed with quick wit and a promising array of characters. Quickly expanding beyond its potentially claustrophobic premise with deft use of flashbacks, it’s the kind of series that might not be built for the long haul, but which almost instantly emerges as disarmingly fresh and funny. ABC’s struggles to launch new sitcoms notwithstanding, “Mixology” at least serves up the main ingredient anybody could want from a half-hour comedy.

Whether this show turns into a longterm relationship or just the makings of a prolonged one-night stand, based on first, second and third impressions, it’s quite easy to develop a serious crush on “Mixology.”
5 months ago
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