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The positive reception this has gotten is a genuine mystery to me.

The book is objectively terrible to anyone who reads more than one book a year - poorly written and built around references to other, more original and better things. Although the movie has succeeded in polishing the turd to an acceptable sheen through excellent CG, casting, etc. (not to mention fixing some of the worst parts of the book's plot, like the frankly unbelievable stretch where the protagonist just recites the whole of an existing movie), Ernest Cline's influence remains tangible in the awkward, stilted dialogue and cringeworthy crowbaring-in of references all over the place without even the most cursory attempt to appear original or exhibit any merit in isolation. This is the laziest, most fan-service packed script I've ever experienced.

Please, everyone, stop appropriating geek culture and making it worse with your lazy, entry-level references which are treated as content in themselves. See Spaced for how references can be integrated to enhance a script, rather than forming the basis of it. The self-defining geeks who are gushing over this have fallen for the lazy fanfic-dressed-as-content meme and frankly it's an insult.
1 year 2 months ago
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