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3,100 American Independent Films (BFI Screen Guide)
3,100 Classics of Russian and Eastern European Cinema (2007)
0,100 Cult Films (BFI Screen Guide)
1,100 European Horror Films (BFI Screen Guide)
2,100 Historical Film Masterpieces
3,100 Road Movies (BFI Screen Guide)
0,101 Action Movies You Must See Before You Die
2,101 Gangster Movies You Must See Before You Die
0,125 Forbidden Films
3,A Year With Women: 103 Essential Films By Female Filmmakers
4,Academy Award Animated Short and Feature Winners
4,Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature winners
0,BBC Culture’s 100 Greatest American Films
3,BFI: 100 thrillers to see before you die
4,British Film Institute’s Top 50 Films for Children (by age 14) Older children
2,Black Film Canon
4,Cannes Film Festival - Grand Prix
4,Cannes Film Festival - Jury Prize
4,CineChile’s 50 Best Chilean movies of all time
3,DFI’s Top 100 Danish films
2,Edgar Wright’s 1000 favorite movies
4,Empire - The 50 best kids’ movies [better for younger children (by age 10-12)
3,European film award for best film
-1,Every Film That Has Ever Won An Oscar
2,Filmography of World History
1,Golden Globe Best Picture Nominees
4,Harvard University’s Suggested Experimental/Avant-garde/Underground Films (2012)
3,iCM Forum’s 1001 Favourite Movies
0,Japanese Movies 300 by Tadao Sato
2,John Waters’ Yearly Top 10 Picks
3,Little White Lies 100 Great Movies By Female Directors
2,Roger Ebert’s Annual Top Ten Lists
1,Sight & Sound’s 75 Hidden Gems
3,Sight and Sound Annual Best of the Year Polls
4,They Shoot Pictures, Don’t They? 1001-2000
3,Time Out Los Angeles 100 Best Teen Movies
0,Time Out’s 100 Best Action Movies
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