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CynInFlicks, BRUSSELS, Belgium

My film taste and history is all over the shop, having grown up in late 1970s/80s Southern California - then being paid to watching movies - then living in the UK for 15 years - and now in Belgium, where the choice of what I have access to watching has narrowed greatly.

I grew up watching a lot of Lewis & Martin; Frankie & Annette; Bing, Bob & Dorothy; MGM musicals and Gene Tierney on television with my grandmother.

In the mid-late 80s, I was a weekly (or more) cinema-goer, and of course discovered the joy of the VHS (and Beta!) player. An atypical teenager, I watched a lot of 1930s-70s, rather than whatever blockbuster was the latest rage.

After subsequently spending several years watching flicks for a living (mostly-unknown, good and bad), I had to take a VERY long break from films in order allow myself the chance to fall in love with them again.

And that I have. I currently watch c300 films per year (mostly on TV or DVD), particularly 1940s and 50s Hollywood, and catching up on quintessential international films that passed me by their first time round. I still love a good 80s Brat Pack flick, as well!

I see few current films and am not at all bothered about meeting criteria for 'lists' and 'awards' here at iCheckMovies...indeed, that is one thing I don't prefer about the site. I like what I like and that does not involve watching only Oscar winners so that I can say that I have done so.

Attempting to remember every film I have ever seen in order to check it here is quite a feat. As I type, I've been here on the site just over a month and have managed 1,100. We'll see how I get on.

And that is me...

Favorite quote: “Arty o’ the ‘irst art. I like that. It has a ring to it. (Anatomy of a Murder)”(1000)


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11 September 2011
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