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Jon Cribbs 3447 Goldleaf Lane Englewood, NJ 07631, United States

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Learn As You Compile Notes
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Use A Definite Method For Each Subject
There is not hard and fast rule for taking down notes. However, logic demands that definite methods be used for each subject. Take the case of statistics coursework. It would be impractical to take down formulas as notes, but description of the same formula in a way one can understand is a better option. Rough notes can be used to elaborate on the concepts studied in class. Formulas and other information can then be added to it.Just buy essay now with Essayup and be ready to surprise your teacher! Similarly, a literary exercise can be a continuous flow of language very close to a thought process. It does not matter if it is not grammatically correct. What is more important is to recollect the thought process in the same sequence it occurred even after a considerable period of time has elapsed. Using a word processor to take down notes helps in the long run. An edited version would prove very useful in drafting out essays or a term paper on the topic.


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21 June 2021
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