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fantastic - gets better as it progresses
1 year 5 months ago
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this has a good story and well-acted, love it to bits
2 years 4 months ago
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This is a top movie
2 years 10 months ago
Koen L's avatar

Koen L

Just finished watching the movie, I can't really see why this is such a famous movie. Not that good in my opinion.
4 years 10 months ago
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Funny and with a great lead actor.
5 months 1 week ago
senorroboto's avatar


A little mawkish but merits goodwill because of its earnestness and nostalgic whimsy. In a way a lot like a big-city German version of small-town British Isles movies like Ken Loach's, Bill Forsyth's, or other films like Waking Ned Devine, etc.

Captures the spirit of a time and place takes you there with a sense of wonder.
7 months 3 weeks ago
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A good movie that deserved a better ending.
1 year 7 months ago
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2 years 4 months ago
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Very good. I'd say it's about as good as One, Two,Three (1961).
2 years 6 months ago
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Very interesting plot, but it could be more dramatized and less melodramatic, it could have been a top movie..
3 years 2 months ago
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A great movie, whose deliberate staginess speaks about the regime and its media before the Fall of the Wall - and after.
3 years 2 months ago
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The film's fun and heart-warming premise leads to several moments of greatness, and it serves as an illuminating chronicle of life after the end of the GDR. A touching portrait of devotion to both family and history that has some depth to it. 3 stars out of 4.
3 years 4 months ago
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great movie ....now one of my favorite....intelligent stuff...
3 years 6 months ago
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Public Enemy

I lived in those times and still got bored with it.
3 years 7 months ago
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I love this movie !
3 years 8 months ago

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