Double Impact

As some of you will have noticed, sometimes duplicate movies appear on iCM. This is due to a mistake in our source of movies, IMDb. Luckily, IMDb fixes these mistakes, but we have no way of being notified of these corrections.

Up until now, users mailed us the duplicate movies they found and we manually merged them. This was a labor-intensive process that took a lot of time. We are happy to announce that we have automated this process! Starting now, users can use the website to mark two movies as duplicates. Once marked, they are added to a queue, which is processed every hour. This means that when you mark two movies as duplicates, it will take a small amount of time before they are merged.

To mark a movie as a duplicate, you can do two things:

1. Go to and fill in the two duplicate movies
2. Go to a movie, scroll down and click on the "Mark this movie as a duplicate" link. This will open the same page from step 1, but with one movie filled in.

On the duplicate page, you need to supply either a movie's full iCM URL (such as or its name as it appears in the URL (such as fight+club).

Happy duplicate hunting!

17 October, 2014