iCheckMovies: The Next Generation

As you can tell by looking around you, we've finally made it: iCheckMovies 2.0! We're so happy to finally share the much improved version of our precious little website. We hope you like it as much as we do.

Again, we'd like to thank everyone that helped make this version possible. By either donating, testing, mailing or just using this website, you've contributed to what we put online today. Thank you!

Of course, we're not done yet. We will improve the website one step at the time, so expect lots of (smaller) newer versions the coming year(s). If you encounter a bug or have a cool idea for a new feature, please contact us.

Happy checking, happy new year!

Edit: We are reversing the 'cannot check movies from search page' paid feature, since it seems to be a cause of lots of confusion. We also fixed a bunch of bugs we couldn't foresee, sorry for any inconvenience.

Furthermore, please try to keep things civil. We know it takes time to adjust to the new design and some features. But please, try to be constructive. Saying something sucks doesn't help anyone :)

Edit 2:
If you are unable to check movies, add movies to your watchlist or similar functionality, please try a hard refresh of your browser by pressing Ctrl+F5 while viewing iCheckMovies.

27 December, 2011