Men at Work

As some of you might have heard, we are working on a brand new design! The current design is showing its age (it’s basically a slightly updated version of the original design). The new design has a fresh look and will be responsive, so it should look nice and be usable across all kinds of devices. For this reason, the new design has priority over the native smartphone apps.

Aside from the new design, we’re also working on a new backend. For the techies among us: The new backend is completely written in C# using the ASP.NET MVC framework. We’ll still be using MySQL as our main datastore, but we’ll incorporate Redis too for speed. We’ll write more about it later.

We plan to replace the current site page by page with our new design and backend, so there will be no Big Bang, just a gradual (but radical!) change overtime. And it will take time, since we're still doing this in our spare time!

Enough with the talking, here are some previews (we’re close to a final design, but some things might still change a bit). Please tell us what you think in the comments!



P.S.: somewhere last week we’ve hit the 150.000 members mark! Big, big thanks to all of you!

4 April, 2014