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  1. 10 Most Complex Sci-fi Movies of All Time (Taste of Cinema)'s icon

    10 Most Complex Sci-fi Movies of All Time (Taste of Cinema)

    Favs/dislikes: 0:0. By its very nature, the sci-fi genre is relatively complex: the short stories, novels, TV series and films that comprise speculative fiction necessitate detailed expository passages to build its far-flung futures, reality-bending premises, and stories set in a galaxy far, far away. Whether the story is set on an alien world populated by creatures markedly different from human beings, in a future separated by centuries or eons from the present in which society, technology, science, and civilization itself have evolved into a nearly unrecognizable state, or center around time or space travel, sci-fi stories require complex set-ups to create a believable reality that’s very different from our own. Because of this, the sci-fi genre also allows for its stories to become quite complex. Time travel stories thrive on complexity while, depending on the story, other elements may be willfully obtuse to create an air of mystery or disorientation in the viewer–and some sci-fi stories are much more complex than others. Here are 10 sci-fi films that are purposely complex, either in order to replicate the extraordinary events occurring in the story, to mirror the effect an advanced technology that’s in use as part of the plot, or simply to keep the viewer in the dark about unknowable creatures and the nearly inexplicable that happens during the film.
  2. 25 Best  Japanese Anime TV Series by's icon

    25 Best Japanese Anime TV Series by

    Favs/dislikes: 0:0.
  3. 25 Best Post-Apocalyptic Movies (Cultured Vultures)'s icon

    25 Best Post-Apocalyptic Movies (Cultured Vultures)

    Favs/dislikes: 0:0. Only one post-apocalyptic movie from a single franchise can be included. We’re also going for movies that strictly take place after the end of the world and not during, hence why Day of the Dead gets the nod over Dawn of the Dead.
  4. 31 Movies For Horror Newcomers (Kotaku)'s icon

    31 Movies For Horror Newcomers (Kotaku)

    Favs/dislikes: 0:1. "This list tries to present is a broad overview of the genre, from the old to the new, from the humorous to the satirical, from the horrifying to the gory." Note: This is not a ranking. This is a random order. Taken from:
  5. 35 best Perestroika films's icon

    35 best Perestroika films

    Favs/dislikes: 0:1.
  6. 50 Best Post-Apocalyptic Movies (Ash Tales)'s icon

    50 Best Post-Apocalyptic Movies (Ash Tales)

    Favs/dislikes: 0:0.
  7. 50 Greatest Car Chases in Film History (Consequence of Sound)'s icon

    50 Greatest Car Chases in Film History (Consequence of Sound)

    Favs/dislikes: 0:0.
  8. 7 horror movies that led to real police investigations's icon

    7 horror movies that led to real police investigations

    Favs/dislikes: 0:0.
  9. À Pala de Walsh's Yearly Top 10s's icon

    À Pala de Walsh's Yearly Top 10s

    Favs/dislikes: 0:0. 2012: 1-11 (tie between Holy Motors & Oslo, 31. august for number 10) 2013: 12-22 (tie between Django Unchained & Post Tenebras Lux for number 5) 2014: 23-32 2015: 33-45 (tie between Kis Uykusu & Taxi for number 7) 2016: 46-59 (tie between Shan he gu ren/ Cìkè Niè Yinniáng/ John From for number 8) & (tie between A Toca do Lobo/ Julieta/ Love for number 9) 2017: 60-69 2018: 70-79 2019: 80-89 2020: 90-99
  10. AMP's Queering the Indian Cinescape: 7 Movies's icon

    AMP's Queering the Indian Cinescape: 7 Movies

    Favs/dislikes: 0:0. June 24, 2020 By Puja Basu The repealing of Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code was definitely a moment of monumental significance in contemporary Indian history. Even though the provision was a legislative relic of the British colonial government, the government of the United Kingdom had revoked this provision in their own country, much before India did the same. The struggle for equal rights and opportunities for people belonging to the LGBTQ+ spectrum in India is far from over; however, the past decade has seen some interesting trends in terms of representation of queer characters in Indian cinema. For a society that [url=]still refuses to condone sex education[/url] because the subject continues to be taboo, the cinematic medium becomes an interesting means of initiating conversations on the matter, given its reach and capacity for mass engagement. It’s been over two decades since the release of Deepa Mehta’s “[url=]Fire[/url]”, which had created a furor owing to its portrayal of a same-sex relationship, that two between two sisters-in-law! While public response to such content has changed over the years, so have the kinds of stories filmmakers have been trying to tell. While most works tend to make the character’s sexuality or their instance of ‘coming out’ the focus of their trajectory, some have even managed to go beyond this narrative trope. Here’s taking a look at some of the most interesting Indian cinematic approaches in the last decade, to representing and narrativizing queer stories snd characters.
  11. Best Anime for Diversity - Gender, Sexual, Romantic (GSSRM, LGBTQ+)'s icon

    Best Anime for Diversity - Gender, Sexual, Romantic (GSSRM, LGBTQ+)

    Favs/dislikes: 0:0. CBR's 10 LGBTQ+ Anime You Need To Watch CBR's 20 Crucial Queer Representations In Anime (For Better Or Worse) MyOtakuWorld's 12 Awesome LGBT Anime Characters Screenrant's The 15 Coolest LGBT Relationships In Anime Anime Feminist's Queer Anime Recommendations Anime Motivation's 25+ Of The Best LGBTQ Anime Shows That Won’t Disappoint TransLesRuby VA's Top 20+ Queer Characters in Anime Anna Lindwasser's 15 Queer Anime Characters Who Don't Appear In Yaoi Or Yuri (from Ranker) Anna Lindwasser's The 14 Greatest LGBTQ+ Romances In Anime (from Ranker) TransLesRuby VA's Top 10 LGBT/Queer Characters or Couples in Anime ReelRunDown's 10 Canon LGBT Anime Characters Sloan The Female Otaku's Top LGBTQ+ Friendly Anime MsMojo's Top 10 Badass LGBTQ+ Anime Characters not on IMDb: Finder Series [Anime Motivation #15] For One Piece, I also added the first appearance episodes for relevant arcs or characters. further control: removed for reasons, will remove more as I watch: Junjou Romantica
  12. Best Anime with Female Protagonists (or in other active roles)'s icon

    Best Anime with Female Protagonists (or in other active roles)

    Favs/dislikes: 0:0. Anna Lindwasser's The 19 Best Anime With Female Protagonists (from Ranker) Screenrant's 15 Great Anime Featuring Strong Female Protagonists RecommendMeAnime's 15 Anime Series With Strong Female Protagonists RecommendMeAnime's 10 Anime Series That Feature Strong Female Characters RecommendMeAnime's 12 Isekai Anime Series With a Female Protagonist Screenrant's The 15 Best Female Protagonists In Anime History / Sotaku's Top 14 (altho they don't seem to get the meaning of the word protagonist) AnimeMotivation's The Best Female Anime Protagonists Who Are Strong, Smart And Capable The Mary Sue's 11 Female-Centric Anime Everyone Should Check Out (finally someone puts Tutu and Cardcaptor on a list) SavvyTokyo's 10 Anime With Compelling Female Characters to Enjoy CBR's 10 Best Female Protagonists In Isekai Anime AnimeRegent's Top 10 Anime With Strong Female MC Mochi-Chan's Top 10 Anime With Female Protagonist You Should Watch Blaise Senpai's Top 10 Anime With Unexpectedly Strong Female Lead FandomSpot's 20 Best Anime With A Female Lead MC CBR's The 10 Best Anime With Strong Female Role Models longer lists that I won't add: falls outside the scope or too risque: MsMojo's Top 20 Most Badass Female Anime Characters Andy Art TV's 20 of the Most Iconic Female Characters In Anime History limited to a few titles from each universe not on IMDb: Meng Qi Shi Shen
  13. Best Body Snatchers Movies (SyFyWire)'s icon

    Best Body Snatchers Movies (SyFyWire)

    Favs/dislikes: 0:0. and some other movies positively mentioned
  14. BILDSTÖRUNG's icon


    Favs/dislikes: 0:0. Catalogue of Bildstörung, a german DVD label for remastering unpublished movies of genres like thriller, horror and other niches.
  15. Bill Georgaris: The Best Films I Saw During 2020's icon

    Bill Georgaris: The Best Films I Saw During 2020

    Favs/dislikes: 0:0. "A Personal Digression: The Best Films I Saw During 2020. For what it’s worth, here are (in no particular order) some of the best films (new or old) that I saw during the 2020 calendar year." I took this from the bottom of the most recent TSPDT Top 1000 update. Thought it was interesting :)
  16. Bleeding Skull 50: The Best Trash-Horror Films of the 1980's's icon

    Bleeding Skull 50: The Best Trash-Horror Films of the 1980's

    Favs/dislikes: 0:0.
  17. CFB's Greatest Movies by Country, Chapter 9: Germany's icon

    CFB's Greatest Movies by Country, Chapter 9: Germany

    Favs/dislikes: 0:0.
  18. Chronicles of Somebody Collection's icon

    Chronicles of Somebody Collection

    Favs/dislikes: 0:0. Best movies chosen by Chronicles of Somebody. In the blog page you can find comments about some of these movies and more in Turkish.
  19. Cinema of Azerbaijan. All lists in one's icon

    Cinema of Azerbaijan. All lists in one

    Favs/dislikes: 0:0. 10 best films based on input from 30 filmmakers 35 favorite Az films, apparently crowd voted somehow (+25-27) 4 great films (+3-4) Top 10 modern Az movies (+7-9) Azerbaijan—Cinema around the World (+4) L2: 51-172 List of "Notable films" by Azerbaijanfilm studio (+8, also 6 to add) Cinema of Azerbaijan (+31) 10 Az films (+3) Azeridoctor's lists best films (+54) best animations - only top 5 (+4) Kolar's Cinema of Azerbaijan (+23) L3: 173-178 10 movies filmed at Az that became hits (+6 but 2 last ones excised for low rating) to add: from list 2,_1995) btwn Sarı gəlin and Yuxu Ezizim Fellini after Arxada list 3 The Dolls 2010 directed by Chingis Rasulzadeh premiered at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival in Czechia include the link to list from umico list below Dolu Üçüncü günün adamı below Holy Cow Архив Шоллера (Şollerin arxivi) from wiki,_1931) 2 dir films 2nd goes to general wiki,_1961),_1963),_1964),_1965) «Советский Азербайджан» (режиссёры М.Дадашов, Ф.Киселев) 1950 - Cannes? Маяк 2012 - Фариз Ахмедов Архив Шоллера - Şollerin arxivi from mubi list BIRI VARDI, BIRI YOXDU Tale of the Lonely Pomegranate Tree 1984 ‘Tenha Narin Nagili’ Directed by Hasanagha Turabov, Shamil Mahmudbeyov and again: Mayak (The Beacon) more discover,asc,asc,asc watch
  20. Cinema of Hayastan (aka Armenia). All lists in one's icon

    Cinema of Hayastan (aka Armenia). All lists in one

    Favs/dislikes: 0:0. 20 best films, Yerevan magazine, compiled by editors, journalists, critics, directors and a few of other related professions 15 viewer favorites made by Armenfilm studio (+3) selection by Armenian Museum of Moscow (+9) Armenia—Cinema around the World (+12) Hayak (main) awards after 20 years of independent cinema (+4 but only those that are on IMDb) More titles on there: L2: 49-57 10 Classics of Armenian Cinema (+2) top 20 by Armenia Discovery (+5, most of em new films that seem like they will suck) this list by a tourist company (+1, seems like crap) see also watch em
  21. Cinema of Kazakhstan. All lists in one's icon

    Cinema of Kazakhstan. All lists in one

    Favs/dislikes: 0:0. L1: 1-43 10 classic movies (1 to add!) 10 modern movies 27 per year since independence (+20-23) 5 modern films (+1) acclaimed outside KZ (+2) 10 films Kazakh cinema is not ashamed of (LOL) (+1) L2: 44-102 10 films from 20 years (+2) most popular in soviet box office (+6) 10 modern films (+3) import of Kenji's Kazakhstan ICM import by Fergenaprido (+40) 15 submissions for Kazakhstan - Best International Feature Film (+6) random top 10 (+2) Kazakhstan UNESCO not included, listed separately (23 more movies there!) to add Сказ о матери from village «Козы Корпеш и Баян Сулу», 1992 Режиссер: Асанали Ашимов «Дом у соленого озера», 2004 Режиссеры: Игорь Вовнянко, Асанали Ашимов «Оралман», 2017 Режиссер: Сабит Курманбеков from yvision «Немая прохлада», 2004 г. Режиссер: Серикбол Утепбергенов Kenji #10 Onze Man in Kazachstan [Our Man in Kazakhstan] (1993 Marjoleine Boonstra) #59 Doch' Chingiskhana [Daughter of Genghis Khan] (2018 Ilkham Jalilov) watch em
  22. Cinema of Kirghizstan (aka Kyrgyzstan or Kirghizia). All lists in one's icon

    Cinema of Kirghizstan (aka Kyrgyzstan or Kirghizia). All lists in one

    Favs/dislikes: 0:0. Kirghiz Miracle: 10 best soviet era films from "several filmakers" (+9-10) top 10 excluding the miracle 10 (+5-7) top 10 (+5) L2: 30-38 top 8 - since independence (+4) most popular (+2-4) acclaimed outside KR (+1-2) top 10 shorts (+2) top 10 comedies (looks like a lot of trash) (+1) to add: from list 2 ( Улица,_1972) from list 3 (sova) Волны умирают на берегу / Volny umirayut na beregu (1985) И дольше века длится день (1986) dir Eimuntas Nekroshius from molbulak Уркун Год: 2016 Режиссер: Медин Учкеев О фильме: Историческая драма о трагических событиях 2016 года. Мега той Год: 2016 Режиссер: Суйун Откеев О фильме: Безумная поездка жениха, который вместе с друзьями едет свататься к невесте, которую ему нашли родители, но по ошибке попадает в другой дом. from kaktus Саякбай 2017 by Ernest Abdyjaparov from shorts Соолуган карек (Слёзы матери) by Suyun Otkeev Snooze by mirkek kadraliyev kyyal by Медер Кубанычбек тегин Шамчырак by Elnura Osmonalieva Калпак Чолпонай Борубаева Ата by Daniyar Abdykerimov Кардиограмма by Jumanazar Koichubekov Подарок судьбы Айдарбек Абдыкулов from limon (looks like a lot of trash) Биртууганчик / birtuuganchik Страшно красивый kok salkyn do+fa Шайлоо-жайлоо Временный парень / vremennyy paren Суйом дечи / suyyom dechi see also discover watch
  23. Cinema of Ossetia-Alania's icon

    Cinema of Ossetia-Alania

    Favs/dislikes: 0:0. Golden 10 Top 5 (video) to add 2. Semeynaya drama and basically the whole list
  24. Cinema of Sakartvelo (aka Georgia, Gruzia). All lists in one's icon

    Cinema of Sakartvelo (aka Georgia, Gruzia). All lists in one

    Favs/dislikes: 0:0. L1: 1-50 10 Georgian Films You Need To Watch Tbilisi Intermedia's 12 Best Georgian Movies of All Time Laugh and Cry or Great Georgian Cinema Top 13 Georgian Movies You Should Watch 15 Must Watch Georgian Movies Georgia—Cinema around the World L2: 51-78 Caucasian Girl's favorite georgian films from the soviet period Kinovoyage's personal 5 GruziaFilm masterpieces 17 most popular georgian films in soviet box office L3: more vague personal lists 79-116 need to add to L2 LMK if there are more smaller lists to absorb than this one: which you can import when you're done with this one! watch em
  25. Cinema of Tatarstan's icon

    Cinema of Tatarstan

    Favs/dislikes: 0:0. to add 2. В сломанный микроскоп мы увидим Казань 5. Неотосланные письма 7. Mulla 8. 9, 10. more films discover
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