BFI Flare's Best LGBT Films of All Time

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In celebration of their 30th anniversary, in 2016, the London LGBT Film Festival BFI Flare conducted a poll of over 100 programmers, critics and filmmakers asking for a top 10 list of the best LGBT films. Contains all films with at least 3 votes.


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  1. 22 -

    Mulholland Dr.

    2001 — a.k.a. Mulholland Drive, in 25 top lists Check
  2. 44 -

    Hedwig and the Angry Inch

    2001, in 9 top lists Check
  3. 83 new

    By Hook or by Crook

    2001, in 1 top list Check
  4. 88 new

    Jin nian xia tian

    2001 — a.k.a. Fish and Elephant, in 1 top list Check
  5. 105 new

    Y tu mamá también

    2001 — a.k.a. Y Tu Mamá También, in 13 top lists Check
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