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I hate most IMDB lists.
1 year 9 months ago
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St. Gloede

@Kinokima - Indeed, and even if these were based on critics there's no films that "has" to be on it. Everything is personal opinion. And seeing how there are only 50 spots it's incredibly easy to find favorites that are missing.
8 years ago
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From some comments on the IMDB lists I think people don't realize that these are not critics lists but based on user ratings on IMDB.

So if your favorite movie is not included it just means that IMDB users did not give it a high rating. And really there is nothing you can do about other people's opinions.
8 years 2 months ago
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Zeltaebar - Pretty much all of these are classics watched over and over and loved by a modern audience. Some of them aren't quite as well known as "Snow White" or "Dracula," but they're just as entertaining and timeless.

The 1930s were an incredible decade for film with literally hundreds of great films (of course, the same can be said for almost every decade) - the fact that some of your favorites don't make it should hardly be a surprise.
8 years 2 months ago
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seen all...enjoyed most of them!!
8 years 7 months ago
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@Dylan: I suppose that's why you've left it as the only unchecked movie of the thirties?
8 years 8 months ago
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Queen Kelly has a tumultuous history and you can argue that it is from 1929 (when production halted), 1932 (Gloria Swanson's version), the 1960s (von Stroheim's version) or even 1985 (Kino's restored version). Silent Era has some good info about it.
8 years 11 months ago
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Why is Queen Kelly which came out in 1929 in the 1930's list?
8 years 11 months ago
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St. Gloede

Just got my 30's platinum. And what a film to get it with. Gold Diggers of 1933. One of the greatest films I have ever seen.

The last few checks on this list was rather disappointing so this might be the biggest film surprise I have ever gotten. I expected a half decent musical, but got this wonderful masterpiece that's just set around broadway. No spontaneous singing, yay. Anyways - 10/10. Everyone should watch it!
9 years ago
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We Had Faces

EXTASY 1932 Heddy Lamarr, wish more people saw it. :(
8 years 1 month ago
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no astaire/rogers!
8 years 4 months ago
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Where is Jezebel?
7 years 11 months ago
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