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143 min.
James Wan
Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Fantasy
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4.0% (1:25)
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  1. Siskoid's avatar


    Aquaman is a big, dumb - but not too dumb - superhero/fantasy spectacular that takes its inspiration more from Arthurian legend than anything else, and yet manages to sneak in insane Silver Age references like Topo and Storm as much as more recent fare like the Trench. The film certainly looks great, and without resorting to lame slow-motion too, transitions between scenes and flashbacks particularly well done. The action rocks, especially when it gets close and personal (all the Black Manta stuff was more engaging than the big Lord of the Rings battles, for example), but for all its violence, the way the world is saved in a more understated way, through love and forgiveness. The characterization is thin, but these are myths writ large, and the film does manage some romantic moments, especially between Arthur's parents, but how Mera falls in love with the surface world at the same time as she does Aquaman is a very nice moment. As a plot, its quest structure seems like an obvious way to string sequences together, but can I begrudge a movie that features pirates its treasure map adventure? I do find it interesting that both villains, like the hero, are sons carrying on their parents' missions, and that if Arthur doesn't see himself as a hero, their motivations aren't entirely villainous, or are at least relatable. Aquaman isn't too demanding a film on the surface of it, but it's fun, it's gorgeous, and it's epic. I wasn't asking for much more. 7 months 2 weeks ago
  2. kodono's avatar


    With James Wan at the helm, this movie is a superhero movie with a Fast and Furious ethos. If that sounds awesome to you, you will love this movie. Plot and characterization are a bit thin, a lot of crazy stuff happens in part just because it can, but man was it fun.

    And really, spoiler is uh... all you need to know to know what this movie is about, for better or worse.
    7 months 2 weeks ago
  3. aniforprez's avatar


    an incredibly awful story with some really cheesy and badly written dialog and a lot of moments that just don't work propped up beautifully by some of the best CGI I've ever seen, some really cool cinematography and a lot of really entertaining action and set-pieces. was a fairly good watch but don't go into it expecting something cerebral. this basically felt like someone gave James Wan a blank check and told him to make a movie that sells and he just had a lot of fun making this movie and it shows 7 months 3 weeks ago
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