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115 min.
Scott Derrickson
Action, Adventure, Fantasy, sci_fi
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5.2% (1:19)
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  1. crazy_bitch's avatar


    I have a mixed opinion of this.
    One the one hand it's a creative and innovative film that makes full use of the tools at its disposal, taking you on a truly entertaining ride filled with stunning visuals.

    On the other hand, I agree with whykecoakfly as far as the plot and the characters are concerned. It's not a bad story and the pacing is good, but there's nothing special about it, and all the characters are flat, stereotypical and comical.
    Dr. Strange himself is a somewhat interesting mix between a witty and (at times) cynical genius (a role Cumberbatch definately knows how to play...) who just naturally excells at everything and a "blank sheet character" that the viewers can easily project themselves onto as they follow him through the story.

    There's only two things that really don't work well in the film, in my opinion:

    First, the villian. Mads Mikkelsen is great, but his character is neither interesting to the viewer nor truly challenging for the heroes.

    And secondly, I find the film suffers heavily from a fundamental problem with almost everything involving magic - you don't know what the rules are, you don't know what's possible, or how one magic thing compares to another. New spells and magic items are introduced constantly and dispite the good choreography, effects and editing even the fight scenes are not so great, because you can never know what the stakes are. You can think, "that spell looks cool", "nice weapon", "this attack is a neat move", "the mirror dimension looks great" - but you just have to go with whatever happens, as everything might change at any moment.
    1 year 1 month ago
  2. whykecoakfly's avatar


    Most visually interesting Marvel movie in my opinion. The action is really creative and fresh.
    Too bad that's about it. Overall it's a very 'by the number' Marvel movie. The story is very 'safe' and standard. The characters are not very memorable. A little too many jokes for my taste. I know that's expected in Marvel movie but there are some scenes that don't need any jokes for them to work but they still force some jokes into it. *sigh*
    Also *mild spoiler* I don't like how the main villain is defeated. I feel it's a little too easy and cheap.
    1 year 1 month ago
  3. Siskoid's avatar


    As far as superhero origins go, Doctor Strange doesn't reinvent the wheel, but the world of magic is one we haven't seen done as a superhero narrative yet, and the film is an effects-driven visual feast with better than average acting (even if I'll never get used to Cumberbatch's American accent). As with the comics, it's really the Iron Man formula, right down to the arrogant protagonist, but that was a winning formula. If the structure is fairly standard, the set pieces are instead inventive - anything can happen including an astral form kung fu fight!). From the trailer, the movie looked a lot like Inception, and I was afraid it would look "mechanical" all the way through, but the Dark Dimension really does look like what artist Steve Ditko imagined back in the '60s, and there are plenty of winks to Marvel Comics besides (for fans, none of which are distracting for the uninitiated). And while the villain suffers from what most MCU villains do, the fact that they're taking their time building Baron Mordo means he might well become one of their best (alongside Loki). Marvel adds another viable franchise to its stable in Doctor Strange! 1 year 1 month ago
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