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135 min.
Alexander Payne
Drama, Comedy, Sci-Fi
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1.8% (1:55)
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  1. devilsadvocado's avatar


    Sometimes what looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, smells like a not actually a duck. This should have been a great movie, with high caliber directing (Payne), first rate acting (Damon, Waltz, Chau), and a fantastic concept/message (downsizing). So what went wrong?

    I feel like this may have been an over-commitment to the core concept of downsizing as a story, and a resulting forced narrative with no real tracks beneath it. Payne has done well with loose, meandering scripts before, but Downsizing was loose to the point of being shapeless.

    Utterly disappointing if not for the fact that this was still a perfectly entertaining film. I don't regret those two hours even given the blatantly shoddy aspects of the piece.
    9 months 3 weeks ago
  2. filmyjo's avatar


    The problem with the movie is its length . 2 hrs and 15 mins really ? what were they thinking?
    Also after the interesting first half, it goes all downhill.. Half baked story and screenplay.... A letdown for a Alexander payne movie!
    Still acting by Matt Damon and Kristen Wiig makes this a bearable watch! I would give this a 6 or 6.5 max, out of 10.
    6 months 2 weeks ago
  3. MrDoog's avatar


    I feel like the reviews have been unnecessarily harsh here, I actually quite enjoyed it.

    It's certainly not the movie you would expect upon watching the trailer but that's not a bad thing. The film doesn't continually go to the well of observational humour highlighting the differences or adjustments to miniaturization, that probably would have been the easy thing to do. Perhaps people are upset that it subverted their expectations, who knows. Instead, the movie is more poignant and personally i'm happier it went this route rather than simply going for the low hanging fruit - that's what Adam Sandler movies are for.

    I appreciated the originality and its unpredictability in an era of film where you usually know how things will play out within with first 20 minutes. Great cast and Waltz had me in stitches laughing.
    9 months 3 weeks ago
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