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Star Wars: Raiders of the Lost Copyright Violation
5 years 2 months ago
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The worst movie in the existence yet it is extremely fun to watch =)
7 years 2 months ago
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it's a very important movie in the turkish cinema history. If someone would like to see a bad film, you should watch it. .. also includes the best monsters of all time :D
8 years 2 months ago
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...also known as "Turkish Star Wars" because it shamelessly rips off popular films of the time. It is regarded by many as one of the worst movies of all times. It's such a cinematic disaster that it's actually quite entertaining. You can watch the whole thing on Google Video (if you dare)

(mod-edit: dead link removed)

PS: Where's the IMDB Bottom 100 list on ICM??
9 years 8 months ago
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