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Tries a bit too hard, especially for being so polished.
10 years ago
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I’ve seen this one a few times when i was still a bit younger. Revisiting it now, the film is even more shocking to me. Shocking in how it plays with cinema’s inherent ability to manipulate the viewers’ feelings, who will instinctively root for the main protagonist. Thing is, there are no innocent, not even decent people in this film. And while the story’s antihero is a smart and eloquent, ultra-cool and funny dude who looks a lot more civilized than the rest, his actions and attitude are in no way morally superior to any of the other characters, among whom is spoiler And then after viewing the whole thing, you have to ask yourself the uncomfortable question: “Why the fuck did i enjoy all of this so much?”
2 months 2 weeks ago
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absolutely great. torgo´s comment below is utter bullshit obviously
7 years 5 months ago
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