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Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack has a crazy-long title, but it still shafts the third "guardian monster" of the movie - sorry Barugon, your silly pooch-ass doesn't get any recognition! For this one, which AGAIN reboots the franchise so that only the 1954 film happened, Toho brought in director Shûsuke Kaneko who in the '90s had very successfully revamped Gamera. While there's still some dodgy video-looking CG, it's a net improvement over the previous Millennium-era films. It's weird to think of King Ghidorah as a goody, but it, Mothra and Barugon are all awakened to stop Godzilla's newest rampage, with some destructive consequences. The fights are pretty good, and Kaneko knows how to shoot these things to make them more visceral. Godzilla's newest redesign looks to me like a dead-eyed T-Rex, but it's still a lot better than his plasticky predecessor. And the human story is actually watchable! The daughter-father team (a TV journalist for supernatural schlock producers and a career Navy man) are strong daredevil heroes. The movie is perhaps more straightforward than most, but the climax has a couple of completely mad ideas which I'm all for. I wish I could confirm the franchise is permanently on the right track, but I don't think I can.
1 month ago
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