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158 min.
Ridley Scott
Crime, Drama
Rating *
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2.1% (1:48)
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  1. Gunness's avatar


    Coming hot off an excellent effort on The Last Duel, Ridley Scott delivers in some areas but is let down by a meandering, unfocused script and editing which leaves the film half an hour too long. Some terrific performances from Driver and Pacino, but also some less impressive ones. Jared Leto is downright dreadful, and Salma Hayek's silly turn as a psychic is a fine example of the film's tonal inconsistency. 1 month 3 weeks ago
  2. luckypenguin's avatar


    He who thinks that money will give him everything, will himself do everything for money.
    Italian proverb
    How I love a good movie and how rare it is to get to one these days! It was interesting to watch a story, based on real facts, about how the Gucci clan lost their fortune, gave the reins to the Arabs, and went into oblivion. But there is a lot to think about and take in, especially for those who are developing their own businesses. I especially paid attention to the way the advertising of the Gucci fashion house, which, in spite of all perturbations, still occupies the first lines of the fashion ratings, is naturally woven into the film. But the commercials do not hurt him either. The movie flashes famous bags, accessories, clothes, fashion boutiques and it looks so organic, that it does not repel anyone. When you start working on brand development it's worth thinking about details like here. Sometimes it's worth paying attention to how to communicate the value of your product to your customers correctly and build a relationship of trust with them for years to come. This can definitely be learned from the house of Gucci.
    3 days 13 hours ago
  3. Earring72's avatar


    Terrific cast, stylished direction and great set design in this gripping drama. At least 25mmin too long and would have liked more expansion on the "end" resolve of the whole dramatic situation. But overall very good movie with stand out perfomances.

    The scene in the beginning between Al Pacino and Jeremy Irons is worth the price of admission alone.
    1 month 3 weeks ago
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