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Rumble in the Bronx
104 min.
Stanley Tong
Action, Crime, Comedy, Thriller
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2.9% (1:35)
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  1. Siskoid's avatar


    The first Jackie Chan movie I ever saw was Rumble in the Bronx, in theaters no less. This week's Kung Fu Friday, I slipped the DVD into the player, a DVD that promised Widescreen... but it was a LIE! But Rumble is essentially a fun puff piece, mostly dubbed (even the "American" characters), and watching it in Full screen seemed perfectly natural. If you haven't seen it, it's a ridiculous movie where New York has the Rockies in the background (because it's really Vancouver), and street gangs in fluorescent dune buggies look like they're right out of Robocop or Road Warrior. But you gotta love it. Jackie is so likeable, he even turns half the bad guys around. Fast and imaginative fights, cool and dangerous stunts, and silly comedy that manages to amuse. No extras on the DVD, as you can imagine, but Jackie includes behind the scenes footage in the end credits, including a series of stunts gone wrong and people going into ambulances. He carries on, of course, with a shoe-printed sock over his cast. Oh Jackie... 3 years 9 months ago
  2. Peter Awesome's avatar

    Peter Awesome

    Let me describe this movie as if it were a ride at a theme park:

    First, the ride begins, and you're taken down a grand cityscape filled with fun animatronic characters and crazy 90s color schemes. As the hip hop music surrounds you, everything seems pretty awesome. Instead of going uphill, you go downhill and see some seedy creatures and dark alleyways. "What's happening," you think, as your hands grips the hand of your loved one a bit tighter. Then it speeds up. Up! Uphill you go as you zoom forward, and the surrounding colors turn into red, white, and black flashes! You go through loops and cyclones, the speed never letting up. You grab your loved one sitting next to you, and you share a look of tenderness mixed with terrified excitement. You straighten out and the track… ends! The cars come off and the coaster has no guide, and you hold on for dear life on this runaway coaster. It screeches along the city streets until it finally comes to a halt, nothing but devastation behind you. You turn your head, and through the rubble and dust, it appears in front of you. There's a small funfetti cake on a stool, with a single sparkler candle and message reading "Good job! Everything is ok!"

    And finally, you look over to your loved one, awestruck. You open your mouth, and all you can utter is…


    Five stars.
    3 years 2 months ago
  3. generalche's avatar


    My favourite bit of any Jackie Chan movie is the outtakes as the credits role. 6 years 11 months ago
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