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    A powerful and emotional movie, that brought me to tears at the end. Bravo.
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    I watch movies.
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    der Zorn Gottes

    [quote] If I, Aguirre, want the birds to drop dead from the trees... then the birds will drop dead from the trees. I am the wrath of God. The earth I pass will see me and tremble. But whoever follows me and the river, will win...
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    I'm an aeroespatial engineering student who enjoys watching films. My favourites genres are romances and sci-fi. Time travelling fan.
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    They are only movies, but I love them.

    Currently most interested in world cinema and Norwegian movie history.
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    I'm a Textrovert (Derivative of Introvert) that likes film a lot, Particularly Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Action, Animation(Anime, CGI,Cartoon) and Drama. Feel free to add me, and talk about your interests!
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    Probably one of the best portrayals of mental illness I’ve ever seen. Not to be treated as a Batman film or you’ll struggle to enjoy it. Gripping from start to finish and you sympathise with the antagonist-one of the top films of 2019.
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    Basically "Taxi Driver" for idiots. Flat, empty and uninspired.
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    ok i don't know what some of the people commenting here expected or watched. someone calls it a failure as a ""batman"" movie. wut? someone says it fails to say anything about capitalism?? HUH???

    spoilers it's about a man's descent into madness but portrayed beautifully as someone whom society, people, life and loved ones failed miserably and how someone who was already cracked completely broke down and became a product of their circumstances.

    INCREDIBLY depressing and deeply moving, the film executed the theme it wanted excellently. it's not about capitalism or the evils of it, it's not about society, it's about how someone could very realistically be so crushed by the weight of their circumstances that once they see life as endless misery, it turns into a comedy of errors

    9/10 this was a really horrifying watch
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    I am a college student who loves movies.
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    Cat, I'm a kittycat, and I dance dance dance and I dance dance dance.
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    I've seen things you people wouldn't believe
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    A British young amateur film reviewer that gets way too defensive on the films he loves. Top 500 Amazon Reviewer.
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    Easily one of the worst films I have ever seen.
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    I am quite ambivalent about the Joker movie, so don't expect a glowing review from me. First, let me say that Joaquin Phoenix's performance is unimpeachable. And sure, the picture's look is strong, with Gotham City being played by a well-reproduced 1970s New York. But I have two problems with the flick, and they bothered me well beyond the 2-hour experience. First is how derivative it is. Todd Phillips' hard-on for 70s cinema is obvious, and at his most clever, he uses the Exorcist stairs to evoke something (well, almost, we'll get to that), but otherwise, as everyone's said, he's doing Scorsese (in particular Taxi Driver and The King of Comedy), but also Fight Club, Frank Miller (ugh, can't we get away from Year One's specifics even once in these movies?), and a couple seasons of Gotham. In fact, I often felt like this was just a Gotham episode writ large. The other more important problem is that Joker pretends to have a message, or messages, but it's really not about anything (so the very meaning of the word "pretentious"). It never closes the deal on anything it might have to say. It's not really about we treat the mentally ill, because it's ultimately a cartoonish and negative portrayal of mental illness. It's not really about the making of a serial killer, as it's so keen on Joker staying sympathetic, it avoids any real shock to the audience's system (and does a hit job on the Waynes so he can never ever stop being a victim no matter what). It's not about how we should be kinder to one another and punch up rather than down, because the film itself makes fun of a minority character in a "punch-down" kind of way, a darkly comic moment that is sadly one of the only moments of comedy in the film. Because it's not a comedy, not even a dark one, and Joker's line about his life that's in the trailer comes out of left field and isn't earned. It's not even really a subversive Joker origin story, chickening out of its twist connection between Joker and the eventual Batman (then still polluting Batman's origin story by not understanding the power of its simplicity as part of a by-that-time interminable coda because WE NEED THAT MONEY SHOT! No we don't). Hey, I would probably have criticized that too, but at least it would have meant Joker completed a pass on SOMEthing. I think the film is actually summed up in the preachy but confused scene where Joker denies twice that he's not political and doesn't care about anything, as bookends to a sermon that's entirely political. I kept waiting for the movie to decide what it was about, but it isn't about anything but itself as a product (look at me! I'm a serious alternative to MCU-type, four-color action comedies!). Whatever dude, I'm not buying it.
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    This wasn't necessary. The first two hours of this film were not needed. The Joker doesn't need a backstory, he just kills without reason. But ya, let's blame his mother and his mental illness. Let's make him an incel folk-hero.
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