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mrpinbert's avatar


I have been a fan of some of the Wachowski's previous efforts, I love The Matrix and the sequels are alright in my opinion, Cloud Atlas was very ambitious and worked for the most part.

That being said Jupiter Ascending was very disappointing.
The plot was convoluted, the background story of most of the characters was confusing and unclear.
The story was cliche, it was about a person of humble beginnings that through circumstance finds out that they have a great destiny ahead of them, does that sound familiar?

(Spoiler alert!)
(The bad guys harvest humans! I haven't seen that in a movie by the Wachowski's :/).

In short this movie was everything I feared it would be based on the trailers. Visually pretty but with a boring and cliched story.
8 years 7 months ago
Maxahlia's avatar


This is not an intelligent movie. Definitely dumber than, let's say... the Star Wars prequels. I'm not gonna defend any part of this movie, except maybe costuming a little bit, but I enjoyed it. And it finally got me over my intense dislike of Channing Tatum. The movie is still a mess, and I probably only liked it because I am attracted to bright colours and space adventures.
8 years 7 months ago
lachyas's avatar


Bees don't lie.
8 years 5 months ago
SpacedJ's avatar


It has issues, but it's not terrible. Jupiter needed more character, it seems like she's just there to be moved from place to place, show off some pretty stuff, then evacuate and do it again.

I hear Warner Bros might be renaming it for DVD. The new title will be "Capture. Rescue. Repeat."
8 years 7 months ago
chunkylefunga's avatar


I expected more from this cast and from the Wachowski's.
Eddie Redmayne completely over acted; especially bad considering this is his first post Oscar film.
8 years 5 months ago
kodono's avatar


This movie is every wish fulfillment fantasy I had as a 13 year old girl discovering writing my own stories for the first time.

So, yes, it is kind of terrible. But if it hits the right buttons for you (as it did for me), then it's terrible in that amazing, awesome, straight-up awe-inspiring way that makes it your go-to movie when you're feeling down.
8 years 7 months ago
God's avatar


I CREATE LIFE!!!!!!!!!!

7 years 2 months ago
Elle J's avatar

Elle J

It's not perfect. It has problems. I wanted certain parts to be better. But. But it's a coming of age in a large confusing universe story. And men get that every year. Women don't. Catchphrase checklist: Science Fiction. Romance. Action. Coming of Age. Female Gaze. Family. Morality in question.
8 years 7 months ago
fonz's avatar


So they finally got Jodorowsky's Dune made, too bad it's as incomprehensable as Lynch's Dune. After really looking forward to seeing this in 2014, I was a little disappointed to see it get bumped to the cinematic dumping ground of early 2015. The stated reason-more time to work on the visuals-is valid. The visuals are astounding, unfortunately they do little to elevate the spotty script that some of the worst actors this side of Van Allen belt have to mumble through. To date, I have yet to be impressed by either of the two leads in anything they have worked on and this beautiful mess does little to make me believe they have anything resembling "talent." It's sad as the concept of this original property is interesting and could serve as the introduction of a greater universe. If this movie could be comprised entirely of landscape and exterior shots of spaceships, I would be hailing it a visual masterpiece, yet the picture relies too much on the non-existent chemistry of the two leads and never builds enough emotional attachment to any of the characters to ever make me want to care about the stakes.

Towards the end, I got the sense that the Wachowski siblings purposefully made this one terrible in order to make a sequel be this generation's Empire Strikes Back. But that just might be a pipe-dream as at a budget close to two hundred million, this needs to crush the box-office and with the incredibly poor word-of-mouth, that seems as believable as Mila Kunis scrubbing toilets for a living.
8 years 7 months ago
Siskoid's avatar


It's become cool to trash the Wachowskis, whose vision often exceeds and escapes their grasp - we get it folks, they'll never make another Matrix - but is Jupiter Ascending really as bad as they say? It's not great, probably their weakest film since Reloaded, but it nevertheless creates a universe I would have liked to see revisited some day. The comparison to (the still much better) John Carter is a fair one. There are several reasons why the film doesn't quite work, of course. Mila Kunis' space princess takes too many things in her stride, for example, robbing the movie of the sense of wonder it really should inspire. It doesn't help that her bulk of the action is to refuse to sign one contract after another, including a bureaucratic comedy sequence that seems spliced from another film, like say Hitchhiker's Guide or Brazil. Finally, there's the script that has so much to explain that it becomes a series of exposition pieces. To be expected, but perhaps a bit clumsy. But the sheer imagination of it kept it afloat for me. An exercise in world-building that unfortunately fails its actors from the script stage on.
7 years 8 months ago
mannequinwithkillappeal's avatar


People keep bashing this movie but the only issue I really had with it was that it was overambitious for a film that might've gotten a lower budget. But it's better it's overambitious than underambitious. Great movie, worth the watch, a lot of wonderful stories going on that are left to assumptions that I wish were drawn out into two films, or a much longer film. Either way I loved it.
8 years 2 months ago
BigAwesomeBLT's avatar


I thought it was pretty good and doesn't deserve all the hate it's getting. Solid 3 out of 5. LOVED the Terry Gilliam-inspired bit in the middle, and the film did need to be more silly. I've seen a lot of films recently that were devoid of plot, so it was nice to actually see some narrative here. Fight scenes were too loud and too long. Very pretty film. Clunky dialogue. Not sure I would recommend to a friend.
8 years 2 months ago
contrafugal's avatar


Almost as good as The Phantom Menace!
8 years 3 months ago
Bayushiseni's avatar


This is a terribly stupid film. I can't begin to describe how I cannot understand how someone who made the first Matrix can make such a brain dead movie like this one. Starting with the terrible script and ending with all the non creative director decisions, this movie made me lose two hours of my time.
8 years 4 months ago
Mackmannen's avatar


The super space boots was way to overpowered took away any suspense in every action sekvense they were in.
8 years 4 months ago

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