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111 min.
Ken Loach
Drama, Family
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9.8% (1:10)
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  1. Lumen's avatar


    Really great movie. Simple story, well told, well filmed. It made me remember of the silent kids in the class, who never tell stories, who are always reluctant to participate and who always seem forgotten unless there's trouble. It makes me think of the people I know who gone through shit, and never had support to learn to cope with it. It's satisfying to see the old teachers and authority figures being so pathetic and ignorant, yet trying. They seem to be aware that they can't help these boys escaping from a sad life, and seem as convinced of their uselessness as the kids.
    Many movies and books have caught the suffering and pride and the hopes and despairs of mining towns, but none as naturally as this one.
    There are wonderful moments of kindness that warm up the whole movie. There's the confirmation that there's something out there for all of us, an activity in which we can get lost, feel that flow.
    The kid acts really well! And he fits so well in the story, his skinny body, his small eyes, his expression of being used to injustice and confusion, but still sensitive. He feels always out of place except when he is with his bird or tells about it.
    Similar feeling as 'my childhood' (
    ps: I love the accents, many movies seem to be scared of it, but it offers so much: diversity, immersion, realism...
    5 years 3 months ago
  2. VagueVisages's avatar


    David Bradley’s performance as Billy Casper is incredible. There is something magical about the fringes of a town where it meets the country, where space opens out and a different kind of solitude becomes possible. 5 years 1 month ago
  3. Siskoid's avatar


    I've got an ear for accents, but we're so deep in Yorkshire in Ken Loach's Kes that I might have needed subtitles. But Loach's approach is immersive faux documentary. It feels like we're watching real people (and we are, there are lot of non-actors) in real places, really speaking and living. The plot summary sounds like a heart-warming family picture - a poor, bullied boy finds solace in training a kestrel - but it really avoids formula, putting the bird sometimes far in the background to focus on school and family life (where the boy, Casper, is constantly brow-beaten and sometimes just plain beaten - the P.E. sequences gave me PTSD) and opting for literary naturalism where you just can't get out of the pit no matter how hard you try. To me, the most touching moment is when Casper is asked to talk about his hobby in front of the class and for the first time this kid who's neither good at academics, sports nor socializing comes alive. In another film, that would have propelled him into a secure or happy future, but Loach is too realistic for that. The movie ended, and I found I was openly weeping. For Casper, for my young self who was also into some niche thing more than I was into people, for billions of misfit kids throughout history who were abused or ignored by a system they never made. 1 year 1 month ago
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