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95 min.
Ben Wheatley
Crime, Drama, Thriller, Horror
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6.2% (1:16)
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  1. Siskoid's avatar


    British supernatural thriller that seems to want to be horror's answer to Primer. In other words, it bears rewatching or at least discussing before you can explain what you just saw. On the surface, Kill List is about two former soldiers of fortune, now hitmen, one of them married with a child and suffering from PTSD. They have a list of people to kill, all of which seem strangely happy to be murdered by the protagonist, and then things go completely loopy, with Pagan cultists in the woods racing after our guys and the whole thing ending on massive, disturbing irony. So what's really happening? That's the question. The film demands an answer from its audience, though I think no single answer needs be "correct", with plenty of leitmotifs, recurring images and lines, and strange behavior to support its mystery. For me, this is about a man who was something (Satan/Oberon/psychologically a killer), who lost himself, and created a new but ill-fitting identity (husband and father). Through "one last job", he is tested and forced to shed the trappings of this "false life" before taking his rightful place as whatever he used to be. It works in supernatural terms, but in psychological ones as well. I'd say theories that this is "all a dream" are a cop-out despite the "awakening" leitmotif, but if this dream works the same way magical realism does, then I agree to its legitimacy. 4 years 11 months ago
  2. jeremydw's avatar


    One of the craziest movies I've ever seen. I completely enjoyed it and will be adding it to my collection. My only complaint is everything that went unanswered but I think that's Wheatley's style after viewing A Field in England which was a lot more of a "what did I just watch?" than this film. I felt the length was perfect, cinematography and editing were excellent, the ending was insane and the characters were, in my opinion, very human and well casted. 8/10 6 years 8 months ago
  3. Ralf's avatar


    In terms of story, it's quite similar to A Serbian Film, yet manages to be just as effective and unsettling as that movie without being unnecessarily extreme and gratuitous. I had heard all kinds of things about the film's memorable final act and I agree that it does make your skin crawl. 7 years 1 month ago
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