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99 min.
Eric Rohmer
Drama, Romance
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16.2% (1:6)
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    A nice movie about a person not socially mature. Sometimes the continuous introspection was too much, but I hung in there and was pleasantly rewarded. Life can be very complicated between one's own ears. Enjoy! 1 year 11 months ago
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    I am this movie 5 years 4 months ago
  3. Siskoid's avatar


    I'm really on the fence about Éric Rohmer's Le rayon vert (The Green Ray AKA Summer). On the one hand, I appreciate the portrait of a woman struggling with anxiety and feeling isolated and incapable of having a good holiday. Marie Rivière is best as Delphine when she is overcome with fear and sadness, but when she talks, it's mostly to awkwardly justify herself so as not to come off as depressive. And I know a lot of people will relate. I don't NOT relate. But truth be told, I kind of hate Delphine. She is SUCH a drag. And like the people around her, I'm annoyed that she never wants to do anything, that her isolation is something she creates herself, and when she feels like she has nothing interesting to say, I AGREE WITH HER. I probably wouldn't be so critical if it weren't clear that Rivière is mostly improvising. As far as improvisations go, there's a lot of repetition, grasping for what to say next, and so on. I can't decide if it works for the character or if it's just boring. And then, there's the beautiful ending, which references the lesser-known Jules Verne story that shares its title with the film. And is all forgiven? Maybe. If this is the type of romcom where one of the lovers thinks they're a loser until they find love, it almost only lives in the first act. Its relentless sadness is truthful, but overwhelming. Can I like the film and have no use for its protagonist? Like the last ray of the sun hovering on the horizon, I'm teetering. 3 weeks 2 days ago
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