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104 min.
Rose Glass
Action, Crime, Romance, Adventure, Thriller, Mystery
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5.9% (1:17)
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  1. nowhereman136's avatar


    (No Spoiler) This film was riding high in my book up until the ending. I even liked the general story of the ending, but the visual choices left a bad taste.

    Praise for relative newcomer Katy O'Brien, the first Oscar-worthy performance of 2024
    2 months 3 weeks ago
  2. oligneisti's avatar


    Writer/director Rose Glass was on The Movies That Made Me and Joe Dane and Josh Olson were so complimentary about the film that I made sure to see it.

    If you aren't squeamish and you like dark humor then this might be the movie for you. It was the movie for me.
    2 months 1 week ago
  3. Siskoid's avatar


    The second lesbian crime period piece of 2024, Love Lies Bleeding is Drive Away Dolls' dramatic counterpart. It features a solid performance by Kristen Stewart, but most notably, Katy O’Brian as the bodybuilder she falls in love with. O'Brian has played action characters in superhero and sci-fi fare, but it still feels like we never see people like her in movies except it's as some kind of Amazonian henchperson. Here, she's a fully-realized person, caught in a web of crime and violence when she steps into a micro-town run by a truly evil Ed Harris on her way to a bodybuilding competition. She finds love too, but as things start to go awry... Well, that would be telling, and I do find the movie has a lot of nice, organic twists that keep it surprising. Also, some hallucinatory material, which could be seen as tonal inconsistency at times (like when it feels like a She-Hulk prequel) - certainly, members of the audience seemed taken out of the story by them - but I rather like the flights of fantasy even if they break from the extreme grittiness of the flick overall. It's not like they come out of nowhere... There are POV cues all throughout! 2 months 4 weeks ago
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