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    sic denotatus

    Favorites are in no particular order; I'm giving most all checked entries either a Favorite or a Dislike in the style of a thumbs-up/thumbs-down.
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    999th movie- Spider
    1,000th movie- No Country for Old Men
    2,000th movie- We need to talk about Kevin
    2,500th movie- American reunion
    2,800th movie- Edinstvenata lyubovna istoriya, koyato Hemingway ne opisa
    3,000th movie- The Big Wedding
    3,500th movie- Da obichash na inat
    3,900th movie-...
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    pop culture junkie.
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    Science Fiction, Fantasy, Supernatural Horror
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    Favorite movie: Midnight Cowboy
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    I'm a copy editor with the New York Post. I love the Academy Awards, and Oscar research is my main hobby. My two favorite movies are Manhattan and Reservoir Dogs, and I think Federico Fellini is the greatest of all movie directors.
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    Love Movies, seen lots and lots, so this seems like a good fit
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