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This is probably the most work I've ever done for a 1001 Movies check. At the time of writing this there is no version of this film with English subs included. However! There are versions that include a .sub file with Spanish or Italian subtitles, AND I managed to find a page that for some reason includes a full transcript of the English version. www.allreadable.com/8c34Kkf So, by copying this line by line into the pre-existing .sub file, I could watch the film with well-timed subtitles alongside it. Hope this helps anyone trying to check this one off!
3 years 2 months ago
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Connoronnor, thanks for the hard work. Defnitely saved me some time!
2 years 11 months ago
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8 years 8 months ago
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[Dead link]v=xVrH4d900wY&list=PL667F514A8DD869C9&index=1[/url]
7 years 6 months ago
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